Maple Syrup?

March 21, 2009

Maple SyrupWell we are in a new time and place when it comes to private investigators, and those who operate with no license creating havoc in this state. How many times does a P.I. meet with a new potential client and hear “I want to know this” or “I want to know that” and on and on it goes. And they don’t care how you get what they want? Many of these people have heard stories or watched a few too many movies and they think they “know”…Well the days of wiretapping are gone for awhile…until the next “player” pops up, and one will come along, you can bet on it. The other game that has become an issue is the use of spyware on computers, and “techno geeks” who have the ability to gain access to your computers. You know, trying to “gag” the provider so as to gain access into someones computer account and grabbing your e-mails…..LMAO, your days are numbered!

I believe that this happened to me (I don’t even own a computer) and I spoke with one of the best guys in the industry, Kevin Mitnick. We are taking the steps needed to stop and I hope identify the perpetrators (I can always use a little extra money). I hope you had fun, the kind of fun like bringing your mother with you on spring break.

Funny thought here, I remember hearing, “you know the day is going to be bad if you look out your window and see a 20/20 crew.” Well I have one better, can you imagine having the United States Secret Service, 12 divisions and 2300 strong taking an interest in your behavior? This great agency is headed by Director Mark Sullivan a 30 year federal officer and 25 years with the USSS. The Secret Service was created July 5, 1865 in Washington, D.C. for protecting the currency of this country, the lives of our leaders and everything in between. This is one of those American Institutions that every American should be proud in knowing they exist. This agency has one of the best “Electronic Crimes Task Forces” in the world. Let me put it this way, if the F.B.I. is sugar, the United States Secret Service is maple syrup.

The F.B.I. with the help of Anita Busch crushed Anthony Pellicano and his crew, many of whom are in the very qualified hands of the Bureau of Prisons. All private investigators who have thoughts of playing with the “black bag” need to be aware the old rules of “wink, wink” are over. You may want to decorate those old bags and turn them into hats. And all of us know what it is like to work for the very wealthy and the ridiculous demands they can make…go along with their demands and your future and that of your clients could change drastically — at least where you will sleep at night, I understand that the B.O.P. still has bunks and cells available. And there is a reason that a federal prosecutor asks for 10 years and 1 day. For those of you that will continue trying to be cute with “providers” and “carriers” on the global internet highway, I will be there to cover the story just as I did for Pellicano & crew, when you are caught. You have been warned: that sticky substance on your hand as you turn the knob to your home or office, might be “Maple Syrup.”

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