Los Angeles Pellicano Dept.

John J. Nazarian
March 17, 2008

lapd.jpgFriday morning was off to a slow start as one juror was 20 minutes late…L.A. traffic! The Judge and the defense discussed “court stuff,” and that too can be interesting as the defense tries the best they can to get a good foot up. However, this judge has heard it all and is fast with her decisions. As a spectator in this court, I have to tell you Judge Fischer is very even-handed, to the point of showing some mercy to the Pelican as he fumbles and stumbles through his pretending to be a lawyer. Pellicano is very friendly with all the defense attorneys representing his “crew”…at breaks it looks like they are sharing notes and giving each other some direction as to what to do or say next. This is very fascinating to watch — Ray Turner sits as if he has not a care in the world and Mark Arneson looks to have the world stuffed in his ass! The man looks tormented, and it gets worse it seems with each day as more and more people show up to see his “handiwork” and how he personally sabotaged their lives and his own career!

Detective Helen Lin is a detective II with 18 years of experience, and it was her job this morning to review many of the background printouts that were the work of Sgt. Mark Arneson for his buddy Tony — or as they would hope for all to believe, his “crime-fighting buddy!” Detective Lin speaks about December 2002 when the F.B.I. contacted the L.A.P.D. about there investigation that was pointing them to Arneson and Anthony Pellicano. And the career-busting event: “Inappropriate Computer Access,” an Information Technology Audit was conducted and more than 45 names were found to have been accessed. It had to be painful for Arneson to sit there and see his password and serial number on the big screen for all to see –20827 SPARKY — this was what was needed to access the system and gather the information that Pellicano was paying him for! It would appear that much of it came from the L.A.P.D. from 1999 to 2003, and what was painful for me to see was the name, ANITA BUSCH. I remember her telling me that the L.A.P.D. was involved years ago when she trusted me and there it was, the girl was right about everything (except she thought the MAFIA was involved, that was not true)! Here it was, Sgt. Mark Arneson accessed it all, her criminal history, police reports, and on and on. I have to wonder what was on his mind…he was critical in the release of a rapist, and what I saw Anita going through I wonder if he cared, and then I looked at him and realized all he cared about was…MONEY, MONEY, MONEY!

Sgt. Mark Arneson can be proud of being in a long line of corrupt Los Angeles Police Officers over the years. On the other side of this mess is a group of L.A.P.D. coppers who chase these SOB’s down and drag them into the daylight for all of us to see. When you have this many cops there will always be the issue of corruption, and we can all give thanks for the Internal Affairs Bureau!

This whole sordid mess was coming hard and fast and Sgt. Mark Arneson was contacted by Internal Affairs on October 8, 2003 that they wanted to interview him. He retired on October 10, 2003. Run Mark, Run! However as you should know you can run but hiding is a problem. A source tells me that Mark was busy attempting to hide assets to avoid the onslaught of lawsuits and judgments that would be coming his way.

There is no court on Monday. Tuesday will be Lily LeMasters, another Pellicano former employee. This is the one who could not stand Tarita Virtue, and we are all looking forward to what she will bring to the surface about her years with Anthony! And Linda Doucett, this was the former girlfriend of Gary Shandling. I am waiting for one of these witnesses to unload on Pellicano or the disgraced former Sgt, Mark Arneson! Someone has to be seething with a venomous tirade — I would!!

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