Lauren Ann Freeman, a promising life senselessly taken

November 19, 2010

Lauren Ann FreemanNovember 11, 2010, just before midnight will forever be in the hearts and on the minds of Mr. & Mrs. Freeman. Their daughter Lauren Ann Freeman, just 21 years old, was hailing a taxi at that moment. After all, when it came to being responsible, Lauren Ann Freeman could very well have been the role model for those young adults who go out to clubs and have a few drinks…this is what her policy was, she would never drive after visiting any club and used taxis to take her home, by the book! Furthermore, she would pay a taxi to take any of her friends home who may have had a few too many adult beverages. “Responsible,” it was her mantra, and why not, a great daughter, super sister and all round great kid, graduated high school and just this June had fulfilled her dream of graduating from FIDM, Fashion Institute of Design and Marketing…girl was on her way!

Baby Lauren, left, with her family

Lauren Ann FreemanHer dreams came crashing down around her as she left The Roxy on Sunset Boulevard, here in Los Angeles. Lauren was a fan of a certain band that was playing and was being supportive. She had gone with friends and was leaving early, she had to be up for work in the morning. Working was a big priority, and at the same time being supportive of her friends was just as important for this up and coming young lady…I will even go so far as to say a potential super star.

It was during that hailing of the taxi as she led a group off the sidewalk — and within a CROSSWALK — her life was taken by what many believe was a drunk driver from Australia, Mr. Ryan Mathew Bowman, 34 years old, born June 30, 1976, this taken from a public record called the booking sheet from the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department. We have received lots of interesting tips on Mr, Bowman from his homeland, Australia. It would almost seem that he is a one man viral infection, infecting others with grief and misery as he trails along in what can only be described as a miserable existence.

Lauren Freeman It was while she was well onto Sunset Boulevard in a cross walk going to her taxi that had stopped a short distance away that Mr. Bowman, driving his nice new shiny Bentley, hit Lauren Ann Freeman, throwing her some say 50, others say 100 feet. Mr. Ryan Mathew Bowman only concern as far as this writer is concerned was to keep going and fast! Why do I say that? There were no skid marks, no braking zilch, nada…all that was left in his trail was Lauren’s lifeless body laying on Sunset Boulevard, and wreckage from the Bentley which was abandoned not far from the scene. I have shown more compassion for a squirrel that I accidentally hit than this piece of human waste showed for this poor girl. Bowman would eventually turn himself in to the Sheriffs Department, of course many hours after killing Lauren Ann Freeman…way to go you arrogant scum bag!

Having had the opportunity to sit and watch Mr. Ryan Mathew Bowman in court for his hearing, lots came to my mind…he looked like a wimp, a poor excuse for a man, a puss, oh for sure I could continue but I won’t. His only concern was to get out on bail and wait till you hear this, $50,000 for hitting and killing a human being and fleeing the scene! Down from the $2,000,000, how is this possible? Once again, as I have said before in the Mike Yepremyan murder, I have to believe in this system that I was a part of for many years, however I continue to see things that make little or no sense to me, and $50,000 bail for killing a human being is one of the worst. An obviously wealthy guy at that, and being an Australian, a clear flight risk. Yeah, he had to surrender his passport, but so, once, did a guy named Roman Polanski.

Lauren Ann Freeman

Note: I have a great deal more to say on this case, however I will keep it to myself until the L.A. Sheriffs Department has completed their investigation of this miserable excuse of a human…that I can say, is my opinion and who would argue with me. My point here to all of you who follow my thoughts is simple, this was a great girl, lots of friends, very educated and loved, loved, loved, by Mom & Dad and her brother…it is with permission of the family I am publishing these photos. Once again, here I am learning about the life of a young person whose life was taken in a snap of time. If there is truly a “bucket list,” Mr. Ryan Mathew Bowman’s name should be in my top ten!

God bless you Lauren,


Baby Lauren kissed by her brother

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