Beware of plumbers who smell nice…

November 13, 2010

Once again for whatever reason we are getting called in to verify what some idiot with a P.I. license did, and that is a “sweep.” This is when someone thinks that their home or auto has been tampered with and there is a tracking device or some device in place to listen to conversations. I will give an excellent example later as to why this very popular “Dog and Pony” show is for the most part ridiculous and should be avoided.

First, the nitwit P.I. or Security Expert shows up with a fancy case, holding “the equipment,” and as he unpacks this garbage at some point you may see lights flashing and electronic noises…forget about it. Nazarian and Associates has been looking for and finding planted recorders and tracking devices for years. And if it is there we will more likely find it and it will not be with any of these silly adult toys! We do it the old fashion way, step by step and little by little we search and look, and above all we use common sense. For sure it is not cheap and solving tough problems should not be cheap…this is a serious issue and takes time and the right people to look for it…assuming it exists.

Remember this, if, and I say if, if your home has been “wired” and done right, you will never find it. One great example is this, taken from the Pellicano trial:

Mr. Nagler, concerned that Mr. Pellicano might have wiretapped Sly, had all the phones in the Stallone house swept. But as all good Pellicano watchers know by now, Mr. Pellicano didn’t wiretap phones in the house. (Just ask Gavin DeBeker who had Gary Shandling’s house swept.) The sweeping didn’t turn up anything because the wiretap–if there was one–was in the phone box where nobody bothered to sweep. This is an extreme case and there was no one better than Anthony Pellicano, and he is tied up for several years in Federal Custody. And it is also my opinion that there is no one doing this with the panache that Anthony and his crew could, if you define panache as having crooked insiders with the police and phone company, in addition to technical wizardry. Once again, there was the sweeper dog and pony show and everyone went to bed thinking, “good, this is all behind us” when in fact it was not.

Nazarian and Associates has never had a client compromised by any electronic shenanigans once we were informed that a potential problem was possible, never, not once. Why you ask, simple, we take steps that make it almost impossible for anyone to get your calls, emails, and for that matter anything else. Am I going to tell you how we do that, no, of course not, that is after all how I keep my Bentley and Rolls filled with gas.

The bottom line is this, be aware of your home and who is coming and going. If you are wealthy and your soon to be X-husband has the financial resources to mess with you, keep that in mind too. So when the guy in the nice sports coat and slacks comes into your home and says that he is the “plumber,” laugh at him and call the police, that is not the “plumber” you had in mind!

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