La Dolce Vita in Palm Springs

April 28, 2010

Well as I often do I found myself in Palm Springs and loving it. My good friends Frank and Elaine McClain have a spectacular home here in Palm Springs and it is one of the nicest I have been in. The place is just perfect! I have helped Frank just a little I am sure over the years, as he is without question one of the best Rolls Royce and Bentley mechanics on the planet…third generations working on these custom built rolling money pits! But I love ’em, the cars.

The primary reason for my trip was to meet with Ros Soudry, Esquire, and her family for dinner at a local eatery. Ross mom lives here part-time and we are having dinner at 5:30…need I say more, Ross mom is “old school.”

La Dolce VitaTalking about “Old School,” what is with this town? I could have stayed at Frank and Elaines oasis in the desert but I chose instead a “new” place. La Dolce Vita Resort and Spa…this place is interesting. Like many places here it is clothing optional…and like many of these places here in the desert, lots of older people. For me I will always have a pair of shorts on, did as a youngster and in all fairness to the environment will until I am tucked away for a dirt nap. Folks, there is nothing more scary than old men attempting to get comfortable on a chaise and you happen to walk by, the view could turn you to salt! What is with old people who want to run around naked….I know what you are thinking, why do you come to these places?” Well, they are small and run well, clean and easy for me to park and walk to my room. Nudity was meant for the younger people, that is why in Rome all the old F&%ks wore togas, I am sure. I hate the BIG BOX Marriotts and the rest that require miles of walking to the room, millions of kids pissing in the pools and the Fn noise! Then, it will cost a small ransom to give your car to some moron and off it goes into the sunset. So here I will sit, in a walking and breathing gathering of what looks like candidates for a “pre-need” convention….it is the season!

The Motel is nice, my bed was so Fn hard that if I had gone into a state of cardiac arrest the fire paramedics or whoever could have done compressions right there without moving me to the floor. The room is classic old Palm Springs, nice tiles, my shower was very dark, the tile was that old light green stuff, very cool…maybe a light? My room was very comfortable, and if you like a nice hard bed and even harder pillows this is the place for you. Now I know lots of older people like a hard mattress, seems nothing else is getting hard so the mattress is good. For me, I like a mattress I can sink into and lately that has become easier and easier for me. Need to watch the weight. From 5:30 to 6:30 Ken and Tim have what is called “social hour” and the hard liquor pours and is all top shelf and free for one hour…try and get that at a Hilton or a Marriott, NOT! They could work on the snacks, come on guys, the ritz crackers were sparse and the carrots? Could we get some dip? Perhaps some chips? The place has two very nice pools and a couple of hot tubs that were going well into the night. There is even a steam room that is very cool, and all is kept very clean…the place is immaculate. There is a weight section for exercising and again all well kept. They provide a series of “Spa” treatments, I don’t know how busy they are but everything seemed like $125…hmm a little pricey I felt for the area. And I am sooo spoiled by the most amazing Spa treatments we received at the Rosarita Hotel and Spa…nothing will ever compare to those services and price. Ken and Tim the owners were beyond friendly upon my arrival, both aim to please and I would say they hit the mark. To my readers and people who take my advice… go ahead and visit…would I return, most likely yes!

La Dolce Vita and for those of you in the Funeral Business, what could be bad about having a convention in Palm Springs? Bring lots of business cards.

Charlie NazarianPS: Some places now say they are “Pet Friendly,” well here too, except your furry friend has to be 20 pounds or under!??!???!?. Well, Charlie weighs in at 85 pounds and is let’s just say not a sissy dog. So what gives? Charlie is more well behaved than most miniature mutts that I have been around…and we have a few of those little furry ones and if someone does not mention the words “Doberman Pinscher,” he too thinks himself as “little.” However, he was trained well as a pup and in the end he is “my dog!” So let’s put a stop to this “canine profiling”…I cannot help but wonder when some creative individual will at some point file a lawsuit as to why “Dick and Pete” can have there 20 pound terror and John cannot have Charlie, his 85 lb ambassador. Tip, we will be having Charlie certified as a “Service Dog” and thus his admission to be with John more often when he travels.

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