Kerkorian for the Defense

August 21, 2008

When I arrived at the courthouse this morning, the cameras rushed to my car. I told my driver that they would be very disappointed when the door opened, and they were…it was me, not the star mogul of the day.

Ms. Glaser was present with a few other members of “the” firm, a united front is very obvious in this case and why not, after all folks that’s how this firm rolls, and Christensen deserves all that they can bring to the table…including the table. Did I see a “lawyer” who was sitting on the Shapiro “throne” get up and move when Shapiro returned to the courtroom? LMAO…Bob has been resting in a cushioned chair that is often assigned to courtroom security… Bob, this is a federal courtroom and it is first come first serve even for lawyers…I am only kidding, as the bench seats are almost impossible to take a nap in…pillow, anyone?

The defense called Melanie Madlis, Esq., an associate at Dennis Wassers office. Hmmm how do I do this delicately, she was dressed very nicely and came across as a bit of a “ditz.” Sorry, she seemed very sweet and even at times aloof…her hair was nice! She spoke well, duh! I have to stop, Dennis will never use me again…Ooops, I was just told that that firm has never used me. She was dressed nicely!

KerkorianWell, the time had come for the star defense witness in the wiretapping case against Mr. Christensen, his longtime client Kirk Kerkorian. The courtroom was packed, and there he was, the last of American Icons. The billionaire looked great, he had an older gentleman with him who looked older than Kirk, who is 91 years old…what a life! Having met some very I guess famous people, seeing him was a real experience. He walked straight, great hair, and spoke very well. He makes more money in an afternoon than many will make in a lifetime. When asked what business he was in, he stated that he was in the Oil, Gaming and Auto business. The judge gave him 2 minutes to tell the audience, a light-hearted moment as it would have taken hours for this titan to cover his achievments! As to his beginnings, he said that he bought a plane and the rest is history…all with his 7th grade education, there will never be another Kirk Kerkorian.

As Kerkorian spoke, it was obvious that he has the greatest respect for Terry Christensen, a true friend or he would not be around me…how about that for a comment…he did not stutter! Kirk mentioned that he thought that they met shortly after Terry got out of the Marines. As much as he respected Mr. Christensen it was obvious that the sound of “Bing” was not a sound that he was fond of at all. Mr. Kerkorian told the courtroom of a meeting with Bing as follows, Bing was drinking out of a bottle of water.” Bings lawyer noticed that KK was watching him and the bottle…the lawyer smiled at KK and when he got up he took the bottle of water and walked out of the room. Leave no DNA behind…

When KK was asked if Bing “ever stepped forward,” KK stated, not as of yet, no (in ref. to his little girl, a subject I will never discuss or write about). He denied any knowledge of wiretapping.

When prosecutor Lally was trying to address KK, he appeared out of sorts and at one point had no idea what he was asking and conferred with Mr. Saunders. I like these two guys, but they began to look a little like Abbott and Costello and who’s on first?!

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