Christensen Trial: the Defense Rests

August 22, 2008

The defense has rested and a better job you could not have paid for. We all understand the accusations and they are serious. Bad things did happen to good people. However, everyone in this country is entitled and guaranteed a defense, even lawyers! My dear friend, Neville L. Johnson, Esquire who is representing several victims of this mishigas was present and we spoke. Neville did not agree with me as to my thoughts on Mr. Christensen being found not guilty. I feel that the defense presented a stellar case of “reasonable doubt.” Neville felt that the jury was laughing at the defense. Hmm, the jury laughed all right, and it is true there were some light-hearted moments, but I am past my previous thoughts on this and I think I can even pick the beer drinkers from the group…we will see. This is our system of justice, you get charged and you get to defend yourself, and in several days we will all see if this old gumshoe got it right. Not Guilty, that is my story and I am sticking to it!

Anthony began his defense late yesterday, and it lumbers along this morning, like a fat lady with tight shoes on a hot day…I wish him well. His future is in the hands of Judge Dale Fischer. What Anthony is doing now is a little like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic…at the end of the day he is going to be no better or no worse. At least for a little while he did get a change of scenery, and one last chance to be heard, his way. He and all his shenanigans are finished. Will there be another Anthony Pellicano? I have been asked dozens of times. Not in the near future, but technology is out there and the needs of the rich and powerful will be filled. Perhaps next time the people in charge will take the complaints of the victims a little more seriously. Anthony Pellicano was the best at what he did, and I have said this many times before: the end result of all his good work and even the sinister stuff will be looked upon as the bi-product of the swill that pigs eat.

There will be no silencing Mr. Pellicano. Talk about funny! Anthony was doing his calling of witnesses, and those of us who were punished for weeks in the first trial knew the routine — several got up and left…me too. After Glaser, Saunders, and Lally, when Anthony got up the mood changed so quick I almost wanted to take a nap with Shapiro…I had to leave. Hey, I might be on to something — The Shapiro and The Nazarian dozing, heads meeting at their points…The Shapiro in dreamland, checking his bank accounts and me hoping that some of his money would slip into one of my accounts…I am dreaming!

Seeing Mr. Kerkorian and getting to shake his hand was an experience I will never forget. As someone of Armenian descent, I saw my own father in him — genuine, self made and loyal. His statment was deafening in his description of Terry Christensen, a true friend…you could have heard a pin drop in that courtroom… what a beautiful statment, a true friend …you know what, I believe him.

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