John’s Rate-a-Judge: Shaller, Gordon, Pellman, Lewis, Taylor

John J. Nazarian
November 7, 2007

Judge Fredrick Shaller, Dept. 67, appears to me to give everyone a chance to speak, and listens and reads. Reading is something often handled in chambers and he appears to be reviewing from the bench, and interacts with those in front of him. His court is in order, and he has a great deal empathy for the parties in front of him. With that being said he will make the decision that he sees fit. I would rate him very high, and even as a spectator in his court, I am comfortable. Over the years, I have had clients with their cases in his court and felt that he was fair and always willing to change.
Nazarian’s Rating: * * * *

Commissioner Scott M. Gordon, Dept. 88 is a judge that I knew as a powerful prosecutor and the go to guy for ‘stalking’ cases in Los Angeles, a former police officer and a gentleman. Commissioner Gordon has all the qualities to make decisions and also to look through the BS. You need to remember he was a cop and is highly educated as well as street smart, DO NOT TAKE HIS KINDNESS FOR WEAKNESS. I would advise you not to go into Commissioner Gordons court room and try to waltz around the facts. You will be danced into a corner and you will get justice, just not what you were hoping for. Anyone who gets Commissioner Gordon will be handled with respect and dignity, just be sure you and your attorney are on the same page and play it straight, you wont be sorry!
Nazarian’s Rating: * * * * +

Commissioner Amy M. Pellman, Dept. 65 Commissioner Pellman is smooth and keeps it short and sweet. Not quick to make a decision, yet stays the course and is tough to read. Not sure if she would be my first choice, has a real presence and not easily swayed.
Nazarian’s Rating: * *

Judge Trent Lewis, Dept. 79 Judge Lewis listens and pays close attention, and if the parties in front of him dont pay attention, he is quick to tell them that if they dont do the right thing, he will do it for themand this observer believes him! Attorneys feel comfortable in front of Judge Lewis and he gives them room to present their casesagain, let there be no question that you will take his advice. His courtroom is plant friendly and has surfing prints on the walls…it softens the coldness of many of these courtrooms!
Nazarian’s Rating: * * * *

Commissioner Gretchen W. Taylor, Dept. 82 Commissioner Taylor interacts with those in front of her and you need to pay attention as she has the ability to go from one place to another fast. She has a very flexible and easy manner, dont underestimate this commissioner! She always looks great and looks right at home behind the bench. Again, misreading her is easy, so dont be too surprised.
Nazarian’s Rating: * * *

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