Don’t even think of packing, Debbie!

February 22, 2009

Debbie MatenopoulosDebbie Matenopoulos does not want to lose her home, and why should she? Years ago I wrote never surrender the fort. This is her home, come on! And in time it could very well be worth more than it is now. That too is a problem, for those who bought homes in the last couple of years, nothing is worth what people paid…even the rich folks have taken hits. Mega mansions and regular mansions have also felt the softening of the market. It is reported that she will not allow an appraisal…why the hell should she? This is her Fn home! Debbie dear, only for another equal or better home should you ever surrender the family home. Oh, I can hear it now, what about an apartment in Canoga Park? NOT! Girlfriend, you have a lifestyle and as for the bullshit of living beyond your “means”…he was with you! And you are entitled to some reasonable award for having to sleep with him, right? of course you are. You are entitled to live your life as you have for the last several years.

Matenopoulos is represented by the very prestigious firm of Meyer, Olson, Lowy & Meyers. Partners Dana Lowy and Lisa Helfend Meyer are handling the legal aspects of this divorce. “I am extremely saddened by the dissolution of my seven-year relationship with my husband. I am not a proponent of divorce and I believe in working things out,” says Matenopoulos, a two-time Emmy nominee and former co-host of The View. “So you can only imagine my extreme sadness and disillusionment when I was informed of my husband’s divorce proceedings, much like you were, by reading them online.” Can you imagine the pain and disappointment she must have felt, learning that her marriage was over in such a cold, cowardly fashion?

Now, I am a fan of not playing fair, but you have to hand it to him, that was about as F&%Ked as you can be. That was certainly the manly thing to do now, wasnt it Mr. Jay Faires? NOTE: all future relationships with Mr. Manly here better be on alert that this shitty behavior will surface again at some time! Then again, he is in the music business and we have all read about the “sheety” deals for some poor unsuspecting artists. And then to add the icing to the cake, Mr. Manly asked the court Jay Faires & Elton John, separated at birth?to award him support! (good strategy here folks…while she is on her knees give her a good kick in the Ol’ Slats!). Hmmm, let’s see, she earns $225,000 a year and he, as a music executive with Lions Gate Entertainment, gets $450,000 a year plus only god knows (is that not double what she makes?). Married for 5 years, together for a couple of years before or there abouts…hmmm, this will get dicey. Did anyone else notice the quaint resemblance of Mr. Faires and Sir Elton? Look closely, he could be his ugly twin ….separated at birth?!

There is a question of “off shore” accounts…this seldom pans out in the end, unless you have the ability to go behind the scenes and check. Or perhaps you might have some proof? The old days of hiding the”Do Re Mi” on sandy islands have become increasingly difficult, and Switzerland is so hot right now they are putting their famous chocolate in the fridge! Be careful on this one….the money may be closer than you think.

I always enjoyed Ms. Matenopoulos on The View and her stories of her Greek heritage. She has the talent and will land on her feet. The View should have kept her…compared to the others who’ve come and gone since (Rosie, Star, Hasselbecky) one wonders if the View Masters regret the change.

Well not to be outdone Mr. Manly is being represented by one of the city’s best divorce lawyers, Gary Fishbein. Mr. Fishbein is with Buter, Buzard, Fishbein & Royce of Brentwood, another well-founded divorce firm. Mr. Fishbein and I both attended the Christmas Gala thrown by Meyer, Olson, Lowy & Meyers at a local country club last year and now look — they are orbiting the world of drop kicks and sucker punches, and this divorce will have lots kicking and screaming that I am sure will be from Mr. Faires.

We at wish Ms. Matenopoulos all the very best, and Debbie NO ONE deserves to be treated the way you were…pay attention to your lawyers and I predict you will come out of this “on the sunnyside”…

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