Catching up on Stern-Kapoor-Eroshevich and new “old pals”

November 3, 2009

After a brief blogging break I am back…I was involved with the pre-lim of Howard K. Stern, Dr. Khristine Eroshevich and Dr. Kapoor, all of these people are being represented by some of the best criminal defense attorneys in the United States. Steve Sadow for me has been a sleeper, this guy is nothing but entertaining in his :delivery,” and I promise you all that Mr. Sadow will be very entertaining during the trial. It took me several days to warm up to him, but when I saw what he was capable of, I have to say that Mr. Stern is in very good hands with Sadow. Christopher Smith, Esq. is also sitting second chair to Sadow, Chris is another class act and a “sleeper,” very talented. We have Adam Braun handling the defense of Dr. Eroshevich with a very different style than that of Sadow. Both of these lawyers have some big surprises for the gaggle of misfits coming to town for their “15 minutes.” Kapoor is being represented by Ellyn Gerafalo, the only female attorney in this powerhouse of legal talent. Ms. Gerafalo is also in a league all of her own, knows her stuff and she is tough….In the defense of Kapoor even a lawyer of Ms. Gerafalo’s calibre may not be enough, Kapoor has sealed his fate, again my opinion. My leaving the Howard K. Stern defense team was a good thing and I look back at the decision fondly.

There were a few days that I had to deal with other assignments, and of course when Birkhead showed up, I decided to take one of my sons to the dentist. Listening to the noise of a dentist office was far more pleasurable than to listen to Birkhead jibber- jabber away. You have to see it to understand, with his “Yes Mam, No Mam,” and that twang was just too much to bear, even “for the common good.” The effect it has is a little like listening to just the sound track of “Deliverance” and suffering from a migraine.

Judge Perry gave all involved as much room to present and to make clear their positions as was legally possible. The “People” seemed a little out of sorts at times and Special Agent Santiago looked a little like a man in a rowing competition with “short oars.” One of the other Special Agents, Jennifer Doss, got a little dressing down by Judge Perry when he interrupted her roll and said, Im supposed to be making a decision whether a crime was committed, I dont want you saying that you think a crime was committed.” That comment to me spoke volumes as to what the state was doing in the course of this investigation for all these years to come across so ill-prepared. There is not a question in my mind that if one would have had a crystal ball and could see into the future, if knowing Michael Jackson was going to take an eternal dirt nap, the State of California would have waited and avoided the Anna Nicole Smith matter like a plague. This case has affected so many, and at some point I will express my thoughts on this case and the stuff that I have read, noticed and observed as only an ex-copper can. I owe no allegiance to anyone, and taking this very position will I am sure have “Old Blabbermouth” going into action. For this individual I have a very special set of scissors to do some very serious “wing clipping,” all in 2010!

John Nazarian and Wilma VicedomineI had the opportunity to meet and have a nice dinner with Neil McCabe, Don Clark and Wilma Vicedomine at one of my favorite establishments, the Bel Air Grill. Meeting the three of these people off the battlefield was very enlightening for me and my son Mike. Some great conversation and laughs about everything except for the subject at hand. The evening was great and the company was the best. Three years ago I never would have thought I’d meet my “dear friend” Wilma in a million years. And here we were having dinner. Wilma and my son Mike got along as if they had known each other for years. Wilma, Don and Neil, thanks for the great hospitality.

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