Beware of the Looney Tunes Deputy

February 27, 2009

Deputy Looney TunesEnter Department 83 with caution! Judge Rudy Diaz is one of our favorites, he is always pleasant and well-tempered. Well, I walked in to Dept 83 as I have dozens of times in the past and took a seat. Sitting with me was a Retired Deputy Chief/Commanding Officer of the L.A.P.D. He and his daughter noticed that Los Angeles County Deputy Pena was flashing his light at the two of them! Yes, he is flashing his flashlight in a very well-lit courtroom at these two taxpayers. Almost like it was a ray gun or in this case like a “pena gun,” like they are some kind of third class citizen (can you imagine this guy with lights and a siren…SCARY). Fine, now it is my turn and I have the loon looking at me and motioning for me to take my lightly-tinted glasses off, I sound off and state, they are prescription.” This idiot with a badge then comes over and tosses me out of the courtroom, for what you ask? For talking! He directly spoke to me with his clever “super cop” signage and I answered and for that I was tossed out of the court. Folks, I swear this guy will be in the news one day and it won’t be for saving a kitty off a roof. I would encourage all of you that may have had encounters with Deputy Pena to drop us a line a

You know you are not supposed to eat in the courtrooms, that is unless you are Deputy Pena. When he goes for a handful of nuts or whatever it is that he gleefully crunches on, the bag makes much more noise than anyone else in the courtroom. I suppose that he is right, he is the gun-toting deputy and can eat and make whatever noise he likes….just you and I cant! Yup, he knows how to toss his weight around, I am sooooo glad that I don’t live in the county if this is the calibre of people they are hiring…poor judgment, rude and likes to eat in the courtroom.

I went down to the supervising Sgt. at the courthouse and made a complaint. I will also contact the Sheriff himself as I have had a wonderful relationship with Lee Baca since the first day he was made the Sheriff and know many of his command staff. As many of you know, I began my law enforcement career at the old Newhall station…the good old days. I was a student worker and Explorer and the rest, folks, is history. I have always been a backer of police officers and sheriffs deputies. The behavior of Deputy Pena was unprofessional and bordered on the edge of being a bully. This is not the behavior or conduct that I expect from any member of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department…this is one deputy that would be better suited for midnights out at the Pitchess Ranch, this way he could employ his flashlight tactics to the benefit and entertainment of all the night creatures.

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