All hail the honorable Judge Scott Gordon

May 30, 2010

His Honor Judge Scott GordonWondering why it took so long for “The Commish” to become “The Judge,” this was a question too many people wondered. Stop wondering and thank you Governor Schwarzenegger for doing what will be one of your term’s highlights, the “govnor” appointed Scott M. Gordon to the position of judge of the Superior Court. Judge Gordon was sworn in at Southwestern Law School, where he attended nights as a police officer to get his law degree. And 30 plus years later here he stands being sworn in as a judge, it does not get any better than this. Judge Gordon it would seems has a trifecta: police officer, prosecutor and now judge. And as odd as it seems to do this, there are at least two or three others present and friends of Judge Gordon who did the same.

How cool it was to get an invitation to this event, several of the premier law firms were present and the rest, friends of Judge Gordons who came from all over the US. Stacy Phillips was present and looking absolutely fabulous. She looked the part of a big shot lawyer to the stars, she could not have looked any better. Stacy attracts some very high end clients to her firm, currently Ms. Phillips is taking care of Benny Hinn aka Pastor Benny….(this is going to be a fun subject for up coming posts). And the best dressed male attorney in the world, none other than Sorrell Trope and his wife Linda were present. Sorrells wife in all her travels has certainly found the fountain of youth, Linda don’t change anything. Whatever you are doing is working just fine, always looking youthful and ready to charge off on another adventure!

Many of DesperateExes.coms favorite judges were present: Judge Trent Lewis, Judge Amy Pellman, my all time favorite, Judge Ken Black (ret) and too many others to mention. The speakers were just the best, The Honorable James L. Martz came from Florida to speak at Judge Gordons swearing in. Now get this, both he and Scott went to the L.A. County Sheriffs academy back a million years ago and upon graduating these two would patrol the City of Santa Monica together. Then later in life after many incredible life experiences would end up as judges. James L. Martz, County Court Judge, Florida and Scott M. Gordon, Superior Court Judge, California. To go back in time and to see if anyone could have guessed…both Judges. Judge Gordon was accompanied by his family and several other very close friends. The mood and atmosphere was that of family and when I use the word “family” for this event it was full of love and respect for a man that I have respected for many years, not as long as some, but a very long time.

Congratulations from all of us at DESPERATEEXES.COM

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