Ah, Santa Barbara…this is the life for lawyers (and everyone else!)

June 18, 2009

Santa Barbara Had enough of the Century City/Beverly Hills rat race? I have found “Valhalla” for lawyers: Santa Barbara, California. Not a question in my mind, after spending a week it would appear there is little wrong with this town and surrounding area (including Montecito), right on the water. It is just plain nice.

It is sophisticated and at the same time allows you to live at an easier pace, it is almost Mayberryish. Luck was with me when I was allowed to work with Elizabeth E. Vogt , lawyer, and her lovely staff. Talk about fast and efficient, Elizabeth or Libbie as she likes being called has what I think maybe one of the coolest offices I have ever seen. No 40 story buildings, no $30 parking fee, no idiot guards wanting to look in your trunk and no elevators. Not an impressive art collection but a very comfortable place to think and enjoy the breeze day or night. And here comes the best part, she owns the stylish little house that was converted to her offices and conference room. She can park her Mercedes a few feet from her back door. One more incredible thing, you can open the windows and breath fresh air! Yes, fresh air and sun, and all in your office space. Her staff, the best, Wendy (receptinist /para-legal) knows how to make me feel good with a great sandwich. Alison is a para-legal who is as fast as you can handle. And you can walk 10 feet and sit in a flowered yard with trees and grass and eat, and watch out for her two dogs, they will keep you company. How many of you are getting what this is all about?

The stress from miserable and unappreciative clients, the unreasonable expectations and demands, the incredible overhead and the mere fact that you are dealing with DIVORCE day in and day out. This place is a little different, sure, nasty as the routine of a divorce is, and as ruthless, but with a different tone. A tone that will I am sure extend your life. Alright, maybe you won’t make millions (you could), but you will not need to. Huge lease payments, parking and staff will be gone! You will make a wonderful living and get to keep much of your money, not hundreds of millions, but a lifestyle. A wonderful lifestyle of success and enjoyment of where you work and live…if you are good at what you do, you will do very well. This is a very upscale community and even the rich and powerful in Santa Barbara County will need a talented divorce lawyer. It might be like when you first started and loved what you did. You won’t need all that money as you won’t be supporting an office suite and all that goes with it.

Back to Elizabeth (Libbie) Vogt. She moves fast and talks even faster, she gets “it” fast and knows what is needed and won’t hesitate to bring the best to the table (she hired us and the checks came fast, she pays as fast as Lisa Meyer, an appreciated touch of class). Elizabeth did the Beverly Hills thing and decided to search for “peace.” She opened the Santa Barbara office while still in Beverly Hills and worked both till the time was right. And when you arrive at her offices and can enjoy the lifestyle you see the wisdom and dream that she chased. 30 years in the DIVORCE business and she has the energy of a 25 year old. She is caring, smart, and tough, I saw it first hand on several occasions that I spent with her and her staff. If getting ready to give the old “Hubby” the heave ho, and in the Santa Barbara area, call her….and when you visit bring a few dog cookies and relax.

Law offices of Elizabeth E. Vogt, 926 Garden Street, Santa Barbara, California, 93101

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