A Major Minor’s Counsel

November 20, 2009

Never ever…or at least seldom…do I refuse to change my mind or position on any subject. Including my thoughts and beliefs on divorce. The other day I was in Commissioner Scott Gordons courtroom and I was listening to Jeff Sklan, Lawyer, bury his client’s slouch of a former husband and he nailed him. And I can tell, you are all wondering what did this Big Shot Beverly Hills lawyer use to seal the slouchs fate? Minors Counsel. Now all of you who are fans of DesperateExes.com know my feelings on “Minor’s”: great for digging gold and silver from the mines…but be careful as they will also “mine” your wallets!

Rose Marie Gallegos, EsqWell this very well-dressed woman steps forward and gives the facts, and does it in a such away that the “slouch” never saw the pick-ax! That is, until it was right between his eyes. That Minors Counsel was Rose Marie Gallegos, Esquire. When Ms. Gallegos had finished it was just perfect. Commissioner Gordon asked, “Comments?” and with the perfect smirk Mr. Sklan simply stated, I agree with Minors Counsel.

Now what you ask did I like about this Minors Counsel? Simple, she spoke and acted like a lawyer and not a private investigator. What has happened, and I do not understand how, is that Minor’s Counsel more often than not think and act and speak like private investigators. More often than not it is a lawyer that is needed, but with a licensed private investigator and with a lawyer playing second fiddle. I ask anyone with the knowledge of what a P.I. does to listen to these “orations” that are often performed in the courts for the benefit of a minor and tell me I am not on target. How this whole thing got snuck in under the noses of the controlling office of investigators is not clear, but it did!

My admiration for a job well done, Ms. Gallegos. She looks to have some special training and best of all, she was dressed beautifully, nice…with class!

Rose Marie Gallegos, Esquire
6741 Friends Avenue
Whittier, CA 90601

PS: I attempted to call Ms. Gallegos at her office and got someone on the phone who wanted to play “20 Questions”…you know, you ask to speak to someone and suddenly you have to take a quiz. Screening calls has its place, but I am not good at answering ridiculous questions.

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