John’s Rate-a-Lawyer: Litz, Opri, Kaufler, Lowy, Goldstein

John J. Nazarian
November 18, 2007

Ron Litz Every year I am lucky to meet new and wonderful attorneys. This year I got the chance to work with Ron Litz. Ron is a family law attorney with great style and an even smoother manner. He has it all: he has a commanding presence, is as comfortable in court as he is in his home, and it is very obvious he is respected in the right places! Nothing rattles this guy at alldo not take his easy style lightly, it will hurt you in the end. Ron is one of those attorneys that opposing counsel must hatehe is very detail-oriented and must be a great poker player. Retaining this guy is always going to be in your best interest if you are preparing for war! And above all, he is an animal lover to the 10th degree! He also has a great staff, and that, too, is very important when you call and need some handholding…this group will not disappoint. Ronald A. Litz, Esq. 310-201-0100
Nazarians Rating: ****

Debra Opri I have been asked what I think of Debra Opri, and I have to say that she has a great deal of talent for getting Grand Ole Oprithe media to pay attention to her (along with Gloria Allred and Mark Kaplan). She sure manages to keep herself in front of the cameras! She paid me a nice compliment a few weeks agoI think! Ms. Opri was featured in an L.A. Times article that I thought was great. Ms. Opri made it very clear that she thought that I was the one who made it happen, and she was not happy! I have never worked with her, and do not believe we will work together in the future, as I was once told by her that I am too expensive for her and her clients. I have, however, met a few of her clients after the fact and discussed other legal options and strategies. I wish her well in her future practice of law…
Nazarians Rating: 0

Phil Kaufler Another attorney that bumps around in the family law business is a guy by the name of Phil Kaufler, he has had some great press in times gone by. In my opinion, I do not have an opinion. His office is at the farthest reaches of Beverly Hills before you get dumped into Los Angeles…but it is a Beverly Hills address!

Dana Lowy I got a chance to see one of the partners of the very high profile firm of Meyer, Olson & Lowy again recently and she looked tan and fabulous as she always does. Dana Lowy and the girls at this firm all have a tendency to look good! This firm is a class operation. The founder herself (Lisa Meyer) is back from Paris after a little birthday trip, and with an incredible Hermes bag (good job Dr. Ron!). Atmosphere is very important in making people feel good, and MOL has all that going ongreat artwork thanks to Marilyn, and the whole feel is very cool! It is not cheap hanging out here, nor should it be. And you have not visited a law office till you have lunch served by Lisa and Dana’s assistant, Careyoh before I forget she is also the gatekeeperyou have been warned!
Nazarians Rating: ****

Cary Goldstein Cary W. Goldstein is without question the King of Palimony. This type of law is a very technical and Cary Goldsteintreacherous place to visit. Cary learned from the best as Marvin Mitchelson’s protege. And he was a very good student! Cary also practices family law, and was working with Bonnie Lee Bakley when she ran into a bullet after dining at a local Italian eatery Cary has had many celebrity clients through the years and continues to be a go-to guy for many news shows, most recently Train Wreck Spears. Cary has a casual style, but dont be fooled. He does not like big, flamboyant law firms, but he is not afraid to voice his opinion in a court of law, and wont hold back! As a matter of fact, he will give his opinion even if not asked (I hate people who do that!)! He is the son of a kosher butcher, and he himself is a great cook — his Sunday night dinners are not to be missed…if you can get a seat! And do not get him started on olive oil. Again, for Palimony he is the King and women and men come to him from all over the United States for his advice and thoughts on their plight of getting paid for being a pal!
Nazarians Rating: **** (as the KING, it had to be 4!)

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