Monitoring and evaluating the evaluators and monitors

John J. Nazarian
November 15, 2007

SOON-TO-BE-SINGLE MOMS BEWARE: if you are married or involved with a wealthy male, you are at risk of being declared unfit for an assortment of reasons! Oh, but true! This is how it works, you are for 5, 10, 15 years a mother and you do the good mother routine. Sure you hate each other, but you take great care of the children and you do motherly thingslaundry, prepare meals and pick up the kids from school and after school activities

Then one day you say that’s it, I am soooooo done with this miserable excuse for a sperm donor, and you go see a lawyer and the games begin! You will go to court and one side or the other will demand an evaluation! Yes, they are now going to see if you are fit! You were fit all these years, but now since last week, you may not be! You will be forced to choose from the list…DOG AND PONY show coming your way! And you will be paying for all of thisthis is funny as both lawyers will have some knowledge of this grim reaper who will judge you based on silly conversations, and he/she will visit the house too! (If you dont have much money and are just normal folks, these issues don’t happen very oftenit is like having to pay a $50,000.00 hotel bill, most wont have to ever do that!) But wait, after a little posturing a decision will be made, and you could be found to be unfit! You may have to have a monitor, this is a job to get, find that list! These monitors tend not to be the most brilliant typesthere are some that monitor but many wont lift their eyes from the book they are reading or the bag of cookies they have their face buried in.

EvaluatorThe question someone should ask is, does this evaluator have an on going relationship with either lawyer?! Most do…the list is not that big and they get paid loads of money — $thousands$ — and many have dozens of cases going on at the same time…how does someone get on this gravy train? If I sound jealous, I am — these lawyers get them the gig and you pay, and they encourage it. We need to do this you will be told, and it is more risky than open heart surgery with a dull scalpel!

How could you be a good mother and now you are bad, it is like being tied to a bunch of crack heads. You are good today at 11AM. You are bad today at 2PM. You don’t know what to do when you find that you are not getting your kids and that decision was made by some nitwit with a degree! I have not one bit of faith in any of these evaluators, none, zero, zilch. As many know I was a cop, sheriffs deputy and a prison guard. Some of these same boneheads would come to the prison and would work with incarcerated subjects to get their time in. I cannot tell you the number of times their diagnosis was wrong, MOST OF THE TIME! I think that the payday has more to do with these decisions than anything else. Take a close look at some of these fools!

Now some will say, John is wrong, and I say phooey on themOK, then tell me how it went from Good Mommy to Bad Mommy overnight! And the funniest part is more often than not, the soon to be X hubby knows more about the mating habits of a fruit fly than being a dad, and I see this happening more and more.

Remember what I said, this is a very dangerous game! The relationship your lawyer has with the court and these evaluators could get you in deep poop! It is true that if this happens and you have the right lawyer, he or she can try to explain the weak points in the decision for you to lose custody, but be careful. Be careful when you show up at the next hearing and the firm has sent someone else to fill in! They may already know what is coming!

How about this, all these years the male said nothing and all was just fine; now he is coming up with all this bullshit against the woman he loved and the mother of his kids. He should be branded a liar and shown the door! And guys, your kids will remember all of what was done to their mother, maybe not today, maybe not next week, but in years this will come back and curse you as it should.

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