Meyer v. Soodik, round one

January 6, 2009

Lisa MeyerWell, now for part II, I was in Commissioner Padillas courtroom to meet and speak with Lisa Helfend Meyer of Meyer, Olson & Lowy. This name, by the way, is going to be changing very soon as a new “named partner” is going to be added. We will cover this in the weeks ahead.

Ms. Meyer was, as always, freshly coifed and carrying one very large Louis V bag and of course a gorgeous Hermes bag. And as is always the case, a great pair of shoes! And a pantsuit that was tailored to the T. Just having flown in from Aspen she was ready to go!

The other side was represented by Lynn Soodik. Lynn has lost a lot of weight and was, well…looking like, well…she was there. Lynn was wearing a black pant suit and what looked like “Doc Martins”…they did look comfortable. You know, Ms. Soodik does very well and her husband is a very successful accountant, and in saying that, what was with that huge gold handbag? If shoes and bags were to match, Lynn would have had to wear gold colored trash cans (like in STOMP) to match that bag. Lynn, sweetie, go drop a few grand on a nice handbag, you deserve it. Lynn did a good job of defending her client, who I am sure was a great-looking women at one time. Very smart with a doctorate, a former school board president who has had a losing battle with the bottle and perhaps pills — too bad. Ms. Soodik could not have had a worse client, but she did the Soodik shuffle. That is when she scrunches down and looks at her notes and tries to attack your credibility. She takes on the look of an angry gerbil, with a stare and the little eye glasses and the scrunched up nose. That maneuver had Commissioner Padilla looking a little annoyed and just as Lynn was getting ready with another volley, Padilla called for a recess.

Ms. Meyer, on the other hand, just stood her ground and questioned the crap out of “Little Miss Get Me A Drink,” OMG when things are going fairly well someone would want a drink after dealing with Meyer in any verbal confrontation. This poor thing kept making runs to the bathroom, hmmm I wonder…never mind. I don’t drink very often and I wanted a drink. Lisa was just swimming around and taking shark-size bites off of this miserable desperate ex. Ms. soon-to-be-ex must have felt like an anchovie at a pizza convention. Ms. Meyers client is the original Jewish Stallion and had me roaring with comments and jokes, The Zachery was beyond funny. Lisas client made it very clear that he wanted to address the court and Commissioner Padilla allowed him to do just that. Well, I guess it was the only way that she was going to get him to sit down! This was just an attempt for him to explain to the court and to all who could hear, how all he wanted was for his former wife to get REAL help and to get well. I was there and it was very emotional as he has a medical condition and there is no question that his heart and his mind are right were they should be.

This case is on hold for 30 days and I am guessing that if Ms. Soodiks client can last 3 days — never mind 30 days — that will be a miracle! All the orders are present, evaluations, monitors, no drinking, easy on the pills — get yourselves ready for the next round in court. This was great to watch, and as I have stated many times before, to sit and watch and listen in any of these courtrooms you will learn something. Learn about the process and the players before you leap into a divorce and it will be time well spent.

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