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Silk Suits By Twilight Zone


How many times during the adventures of a DIVORCE does the wife try and dupe her soon to be X out of his parental duties. Now, I am not talking about a plate of spaghetti or a delicious meatloaf with a nice red glaze, oh no this is for real! Wife has loads of Do Re Money and hires a hack to go and file a crock of BS and the games begin. Yes, this is the real thing. Not for any entertainment here folks. “Mom” has “Dad” in her sights and is going to pull the trigger……but does she hit the target? Proof is tough, keeping the story straight is even tougher. And Mom is visiting the world of one of the best DIVORCE judges in these United States and will she prevail? This is going to be a walk through the “Twilight Zone,” for both parties.

Welcome The Kitty Ranch's all night buffet

Welcome The Kitty Ranch’s all night buffet

A few weeks ago I decided to drop by one of my favorite camping spots for a lesson in the adventures of DIVORCE in America. That spot is for me a great source of entertainment, the courtroom of the Honorable Thomas Trent Lewis. Now that Judge Lewis is in “Long Cause,” it is a little like an all night buffet. Some of this lunacy can take days and weeks, so you can drop in, get a taste and come back another day for a different taste. One thing you will always do and that is learn something new. Perhaps it would have been time well spent for Ms. Sharzer to have spent some time doing research in Judge Lewis courtroom a few times. To get a feel for how this judicial officer looks for the truth and a sense of reality in those who speak in front of him, or more appropriately, to the “left” of him. A little like doing research on an American Nightmare called DIVORCE. There wont be any “Emmy” nominations for this event, trust me.

You have now entered the Divorce Zone...

You have now entered the Divorce Zone…

On this day I saw Lisa Hefend Meyer, the founder of Meyer, Olson, Lowy and Meyers, LLP and her son, Eric Meyer, Esq. representing the victim of a disgruntled wife who was, as far as I could see and understand, just sick of seeing and hearing him (the X). Lisa Helfend Meyer is likely one of the tops in her field in defending “Dads” being attacked by angry and well financed X wives. On the other side was Elyse Margolin and her assistant, aka “wallet.” She was parked at the table for nothing more than a billing purpose. Lucky days for Elyse, as the client she has is a BIG Bread Winner……LMAO! A TV person, Jessica Sharzer (a TV big shot from the FX’s American Horror Story). This is funny, Jessica Sharzer was getting billed for a legal experience, some think of that experience like the old Twilight Zone! Almost like, the rich women slips into a dream state and goes to Target to have tailored suit made of silk. And then wakes up and sees Rod Serling, walking out of Target wearing the “silk suit”…..but what is that stink?



Well, for me sitting and listening I have to say that listening to Ms. Jessica Sharzer testify was a DIVORCE Horror Story, of her own making. I am guessing that Elyse Margolin would be the executive producer of this “Horror Story.” The entire premise, as I could see, was to do whatever it took to make “Dad,” Paul Gutrecht, look like the “bad guy.” Try and dirty him up. This guy did nothing wrong other than to marry Ms. Sharzer, it would appear. And now he was fighting for his right to continue to be a Dad and be in his kid’s life….pretty simple, right?

One little tid bit of the “story” was the time Paul came over to the house to do “Dad” stuff and Jessica’s new boyfriend was at the house. How tough would it had been to have the the new sperm donor take a hike a few minutes while she and Dad took care of family business. BUT NOOOOOOOOOOO! That would not be tortuous enough for her. It was apparent to me that the main issue is that Paul needs to just go away. This would give Ms. Sharzer time to move on and not have to deal with Dad at all and she would be the “Mom and Dad.” She is ready and willing to take this task on, that was obvious in her testimony.

My prediction is that all Jessica Sharzer is going to get from all of this Tom Foolery is a HUGE legal bill from the Law Offices of Elyse Margolin. And the money was well earned by Ms. Margolin. It had to difficult to take a barrel of bullshit and try and weave a silk suit out of it. The question is, will Ms. Sharzer like the stitching when she catches up to Rod Serling?

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By John Nazarian
©Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
July 6, 2015
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Evil Witch Beaudet

Jennifer Holloway (as Hansel),Adriana Kucerova (as Gretel) and Wolfgang Ablinger-Sperrhacke (as The Witch) perform in the production of Engelbert Humperdinck's opera "Hansel Und Gretel" directed by Laurent Pelly and conducted by Kazushi Ono at Glyndebourne,East Sussex.

Back around June or July of 2012 I wrote of one the biggest mis-uses of Judicial power I had ever seen, both as a Peace Officer and as a private investigator. The Queen of this INJUSTICE was none other than the infamous, The Miserable Judge Teresa Beaudet. Judge Beaudet did everything but foam from the mouth when she would either answer or address Kelly Rutherford. Beaudet’s anger was so evident about Kelly Rutherford’s former husband, Daniel Giersch, having been DEPORTED BY THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA’S STATE DEPARTMENT, and she did not like it! Even as I type I find what this bench officer did as outrageous today as when she did it! To add insult to injury, Beaudet’s daughter was an acquaintance of Kelly Rutherford’s in New York and had at times listened to the marital issues going on between the two, as Kelly Rutherford spoke of what was happening (this came to light later). But no, even when Judge Beaudet got the “heave ho” from family law court “The Witch” took the case with her! Vengeance is mine!

plump and tender...

plump and tender…

Kelly Rutherford has flown to France to see her children close to (100) one hundred times. And as you can imagine, she went broke. She was forced to file bankruptcy in her quest to get her children back and at least to be in their lives. The master plan was, without question, by The Miserable Judge Teresa Beaudet to permanently separate Kelly from her children. Anyone sitting and listening to this witch in a robe would have understood it clearly. Body language, comments, looks, all negative and hateful towards Kelly Rutherford. When The Witch spoke to or answered a question presented by Daniel Giersch, it was almost with love and compassion. It was sickening and obvious to all present. Personally, I had never seen such a thing, my time as a cop and in private practice… bizarre as it sounds, it almost seemed like this was the son the Evil Witch had always wanted.



UPDATE: Kelly Rutherford flew all the way to France to see her children this week and was met with a DENIAL by good O’l Dad! Unless she provided certain items, Daniel Giersch basically denied this women to see her children for NOT COMPLYING with his orders! Maybe Giersch and Beaudet are genetically connected? WTF????? For the sake of giving credit were credit is due, Giersch was empowered by that bumbling fool, Judge Beaudet. Again, I want you to remember that this guy, GIERSCH, was DEPORTED for violating the laws of the UNITED STATES, and was awarded for it!

You're a mean one, Mr. Giersch. You really are a heel. You're as cuddly as a cactus, You're as charming as an eel, Mr. Giersch. You're a bad banana with a greasy black peel.

You’re a mean one, Mr. Giersch.
You really are a heel.
You’re as cuddly as a cactus,
You’re as charming as an eel,
Mr. Giersch.
You’re a bad banana with a greasy black peel.

BULLETIN: One of the finest men to ever wear a robe as a sitting judge, The Honorable Mark Juhas, Judge of the Superior Court. (Look at what I said about Judge Juhas on November 29, 2007) For me, the observations and the verbal structure from the bench is like nectar to a humming bird. That damn bird is moving and burning energy as fast as it takes it in…..Juhas too seems to have a similar motivation. To the point, Judge Juhas is going to have a hearing on the shenanigans of what has happened with two U.S. citizens who were sent to a foreign country to appease a father who the United States saw fit to deport! And why a judge (Teresa Beaudet) who took pity on him and sent the couples children along with him and pretty much told mom, “go chase your kids.” Kelly Rutherford tried, she went broke and declared bankruptcy…..and is still denied the opportunity to see the couples two children by King Giersch. Something to think about Mr. Giersch, you have been riding high in the saddle for a few years…..I am predicting your ‘selle’ has loosened and you may well be under that ‘cheval’ very very soon…..Au revoir!


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By John Nazarian
©Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
May 27, 2015
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Happy Fathers Day–John’s Response


Recently I was given an email that I am assuming I have permission to print, it is very emotionally charged. I get the heat that a DIVORCE brings. However, for anyone to underestimate my ability to read between the lines do so at their own peril! My response to this particular email is not to be interpreted as to my being insensitive. Instead, it should be read as an ex-cop who finds the accusation of child molestation very serious and not a “chip” to be played to try and win in a custody battle. A battle most often than not is due to one parent wanting to totally devastate the other!

Initially this writer sent this to me as to the Commissioner Cowan story that I did several years ago. It is true I thought his ruling was as absurd a ruling I had seen till that of Judge Theresa Beaudet, who will forever be the queen of BAD RULINGS! Things have changed, Commissioner Cowan is now Judge Cowan. Yes, through the years I have had issues and encounters with commissioners and judges who sit in judgement. This (A story or the story) should not be taken as a sounding board for all those of you who are looking to take a cheap shot at one of these people, AKA “Judges.”

The one day he forgot to wear his cup...

The one day he forgot to wear his cup…

Now to the point. “Child Molestation.” This is one of the cheapest shots a mother, or in some cases a father, can bring against each that can be pulled. Not to think what this does to the child or the miserable group of people your child will have to speak to as they dig into the accusations and try clever investigative techniques to “confirm.” Women, for some odd reason, I have found do this more often to their former or current husbands in what is an alarming rate. Just my observations. I recall one poor guy who was accused of molesting his son! This poor man was devastated and angry to the point of “How could this even be possible?” For him, it was his opinion the system was broke beyond any repair, look at what he was fighting! This poor guy was no more a molester of his son than I am the Easter Bunny!


Shot through the groin and your to blame...

Shot through the groin and your to blame…

For either parent to make this horrible accusation is the ultimate cheap shot in a DIVORCE. A double whammy worst than a kick in the nuts! And here lies the problem. Most, not all, are going to believe you! Why, you ask. “This is serious!!” Yes it is, but so many mothers and girlfriends have made these accusations in the courts across America so many times that it often falls on deaf ears. Certainly it has to be reported and all the lights and action have to come on and do the “investigation.” However, in the end, it is mom or dad who looks horrible. Again, my experience is it has been more often mom in her often desperate attempt to prevent dad from being dad, who is the culprit most likely to try and structure this ultimate “I gotcha!”

I have a candy cane you might's cream filled...

I have a candy cane you might like….it’s cream filled…

Every single false accusation can put a father in harms way for the rest of his life. For a mom’s boyfriend it too can be devastating to overcome, as it is often the “boyfriend” who is the culprit when dad makes the accusation. It makes those children’s chances who are being molested in reality even slimmer to get real help. Of course, I have seen cases where I knew a child was being molested, one in particular comes to my mind. An old miserable son of a bitch who thought it was just fine to take showers with his daughters…….I would have had this SOB in jail if some stupid therapist and a few other dip shits had not got in my way, all working and getting paid by the litigants and judge who was shocked but had no idea what to do! This was without question a real one and I could do nothing as so many people prior to my getting involved screwed the entire event up!

The Parents have left the building....

The Parents have left the building….

So in closing, it is my opinion that the story, as written and submitted, has more holes in it than a pound of cheap swiss cheese! The verbiage, the tone, and the entire story I had issues with. For sure, something has happened to all the parties in the email, and the one that all of my sympathy goes to is the child, as it would appear that one of the parents had not the sense to call it quits for the sake of the couple’s child.



Becareful what you say around kids....

Becareful what you say around kids….

One thing I always tell my clients, “you will always be dad” and “you will always be mom.” If, and I say if, one parents attempt to ruin the other is in fact that plan of the day, your son or sons and your daughter or daughters will one day find and understand the truth and what will you say?





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By John Nazarian
©Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
May 26, 2015
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Happy Fathers Day….not so much


Judge or Comm. Cowan – I thought Comm. but it said Judge in his Probate Courtroom last week on May 14 when he slammed me with financial sanctions, totally disregarded due process, blatantly treated me very differently than the attorneys at the table and since I must file in response to this I simply cannot post what I’d like to on your Desperate exs site but I am hoping you might take some mercy on me and point me in a beneficial direction or ??



Carries a whole bag of lawsuits...

Carries a whole bag of lawsuits…

I became a Vex Litigant in 2001 or 2002 after I filed opposition to being assigned to any of the Orange County Sup Ct Judges who had, at the behest of the Clerk of Court signed the petition to allow Judge David Klein to have his name on the ballot to run as an incumbent Judge for re-election, even as he was off the bench under home arrest after child porn had been discovered on his courtroom computer. My case was about the failure of LASC to protect my daughter after her allegations of sexual molest by her father to a therapist who filed a mandated report which resulted in an almost immediate DCFS home visit to interview my daughter, order me not to permit any contact with her father as they also told me we would be in court in 72 hours about it. LA County investigated the allegations and substantiated all then filed a Juv. Dep. Petition for my daughter’s protection, citing I believe 7 offenses………….

I Am The Law! - Judge Dredd

I Am The Law! – Judge Dredd

When I filed to remove my eventual Petition against those who disregarded evidence and otherwise failed to protect my daughter, that was granted. Then news of the crime mentioned above broke so I contacted the Fair Political Practices Commission and obtained copies of Klein’s re-election petition that had been filed. It reflected the circulator to be the Orange County Sup Court Clerk and lots of the judges on that bench – sure enough my case got assigned to one of them – who then on his own motion refused my motion to disqualify him. He of course ruled against me at every turn and then granted the Motion of the LA Court Judges, appointees and my ex to declare me a vexatious litigant. The order specifically states that I cannot file “NEW” litigation without legal counsel…………….

Mine! Mine!

Mine! Mine!

My daughter, who had graduated from Pasadena High School remained in the custody of her father then suddenly there was a hearing for a her to be conserved under the sole control of her father ! ………….. Order issued that the “Temporary Conservatorship would be effective at 12:01 AM on her 18th birthday…………At 28 !!! still under the fraudulent conservatorship she remains the sole property of her father……….



Law? What's tha.........

Law? What’s tha………

Both the law and specific orders are irrelevant to many attorneys and judges. So 2 or 3 days before a scheduled hearing last week on May 14 before Judge David Cowan, my objections to the newest court appointed PVP report ( filed 3 weeks later than allowed at the time of his appointment, and basically an attack on me) my exes’ lawyer, a high billing Partner at very influential law office mail served me with her Motion for me to be financially sanctioned for all fees with the argument being the attached copy of the OLD Vex Lit Order. The Continuance to this date had been granted by the judge to permit me to file my opposition to the PVP hatchet job on me and interestingly enough, the PVP had filed a revised report, basically editing out that rabid attack. However, I was not allowed to speak to that, Counsel for my ex demanded the sanctions, I only got in the statement that the order specifically stated at page-line- that it applied only to NEW litigation when the judge cut me off and made the sanction order……….

Money? I have no stinkin money!

Money? I have no stinkin money!

Perhaps I should have taken some action to try to remove the Vex Lit order but I can read and figured it would be a waste of time. The Courts, absolutely refused to protect my daughter despite her own allegations, fully substantiated by her father ( whose lawsuit against LA County, elected and appointed officials and myself was basically thrown out but certainly chilled our daughter’s protection) the took my daughter away from me and severed the super wonderful mother – daughter bond we shared without any litigation to actually terminate my parental rights, my assets including my SEP IRA and inheritance gifts exclusively given to me by my parents were given to my ex and I was driven into bankruptcy. I was given no share whatsoever of any of his assets. He and his counsel are entirely aware that my sole “income” is SSI – which I began to draw early due to medical disability and the above- and is only $927/month. It does not begin to cover my expenses or even medical needs covered in part now by Medicaid and Medicare.

One mans junk science is anothers payday...

One mans junk science is anothers payday…

There are myriads of stories on Facebook of the thousands of mothers who have been harassed by the men who have been given our abused children and the mothers then bankrupted as we are unable to simply walk away from our children. This goes on all over America and the defense that we all alienate our children against their fathers and cause them to make false allegations is as much “poppy cock” as was prolific author Columbia U adjunct professor Richard Gardner’s “Parental Alienation Syndrome” which has been labeled “JUNK SCIENCE”. I have no idea what they will do to collect the fees orders paid by me, but I expect it to be painful and mean. I really need help and so does my daughter – who seemingly has become a master of adaptation to survive. The whole travesty needs to be vetted and righted.

Please take a number and I'll get with you....

Please take a number and I’ll get with you….

My ex was an evidently valuable asset as VP of Advertising and Production for the LA Owner of a vast Cable Network who he claimed in deposition gave him the funds to “win our daughter”.  His W-2 reflected income in excess of $300,000 when he had convinced LASC he could not afford to pay the court appointed attorney for my daughter in the Fam. Law case ( who I have proof was paid at least $80,000 by LA County/Courts and likely even more. I understand no court appointed attorney makes that money, but I got the payment records and filed them. The lady is now a Judge – of course.)



Click A Little Girls’s Hell to downland and read.


Stay tuned for John’s response….


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By John Nazarian
©Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
May 23, 2015
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The Long Cause: The Rubanowitz Decision


Stay Tuned folks, the paperwork will be back.







Dad and his Lawyer- The Long Cause Prequal


Update from the court: This was a case that was briefly taken in front of “The Rabbi and the Lack of Commitment.” I have long known of the old trick that if you want to stop or stymie a DIVORCE, file bankruptcy and it is 100% your right to this. HOWEVER, be warned as The Honorable Judge Thomas Trent Lewis lets this scoundrel’s lawyer know, Judge Lewis he too has options and lots of them. One of the best is called, are you ready, “Mistrial.” And again, along with the tons of other things Judge Lewis has is knowledge of “Bankruptcy Law” aka “Trickster Chapter I.” Oh and the special part that Judge lewis spoke of? He authored it….LMAO, too funny, I am rolling around on the floor! Now had the good judge not been “child centered” all of this might have slipped by. Be warned all you readers and haters out there, this guy (Judge Lewis) misses nothing! And to make this even clearer, how about this! “I am not going to let this kid wait 2 years” meaning dad in his attempt to screw mommy around was going to screw his child around too……well that was the jest of it. However, it is not going to happen quite as “Dad and his Lawyer” had planned. There is a big dark cloak standing over it and in that cloak is The Honorable Thomas Trent Lewis.

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By John Nazarian
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May 115, 2015
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The Long Cause II: The Backwards Lawyer


Again, we have none other than Mark V. Kaplan. You could drop Kaplan into a shark tank and he would pull a speargun out of his brief case and begin attacking! Walk Kaplan into a kitchen and we would pull a recipe out of a file for “meatloaf.” Seldom, if ever, will you catch Kaplan flat footed and wondering what to do. “I am over here” was one classic moment in court this day. Mark Vincent Kaplan will give you your money’s worth in great lawyering and he is actually very funny. Well, today is no different. Mark Kaplan, it appears, was brought in to help bail out what appears to be a case that has “jumped the track.” And BTW, wait till Tina, Ray and Mark want to be paid….I am predicting the money is going to be real funny. What is that old expression? “Wish in one hand and shit in the other and see what fills up first.”

Old school hecklers...

Old school hecklers…

Well The Honorable Thomas Trent Lewis was on top of all before him, helping a very seasoned lawyer to ask his questions correctly. Assisting a litigant who was being very honest in her answers and was being “heckled” in the form of being cross examined for being a little too honest by opposing counsel. Judge Lewis was clarifying and moving the process on. One thing as I have said many times, litigants and their lawyers are going to be moving along in this court. Frankly, at times is seems like trying to fight the tide against itself. The difference here is that the elevators are nicer, the courtroom is classic Lewis, nice plants, nice crystal balls and just not as sterile as some courtrooms….cold and stale, not in Judge Lewis’s courtroom ever. Judge Lewis is looking a little more relaxed, this is tough too as to presiding over this crazy subject matter DIVORCE. The “relaxed” appearance maybe not having dozens and dozens of cases every day to have to adjudicate……did I mention that Judge Lewis had no problem moving that calendar along either?….this appears from where I am sitting more his style. That “gauntlet” is gone for now. This is uninterrupted judging for one of the best bench officers in the country!

Mommy told me to do it.....

Mommy told me to do it…..

What we have here today is a future Rabbi who was engaged to another woman and when his mother told him to dump the one he was with for the new one with money, he did! That scoundrel married for money and access and was pretty much a disgrace to his position in the “community.” Then out of no where, Kaplan starts on the journey of Rabbinical Court! We are talking about “Beth Din,” a “Get,” and The House of Judgement. For now, this is the House of Lewis and it will be The Honorable Thomas Trent Lewis doing all the Judging, and you better “get” that! Something that has always fascinated me about Judge Lewis is his broad knowledge, sure the law is a given…why he is not at the State Supreme Court is a wonder. Today we watched the Honorable One begin discussing Rabbinical Court and as always, he knew his stuff. For people like me it is fascinating to hear and listen to. This is a court of law and if you pay attention you will walk out a little smarter then when you walked in. Almost like talking to me on numerous subjects, even embalming! Not a surprise at all, as many of these men and women who sit in judgement have varied educational backgrounds and broad knowledge of the world and those who stand before them. I guess that is were the “Honorable” comes into play.

can't tell if he's coming or going....

can’t tell if he’s coming or going….

Today, we sat and listened about “butter knives, kitchen knives” and of course “serrated knives.” Need a door opened to hell with a key or locksmith! Another classic Judge Lewis moment has always been his sense of hearing everything and paying close attention, remember I warned you earlier in this piece. Today was no exception as the Judge Lewis was making minor adjustments to those who are speaking before him. Seems like lawyers at times run out of steam. No worry, there is lots of water coming. “I am sorry you have it backwards,” was just another day for Judge Lewis as he corrected a seasoned lawyer standing in front of him after the lawyer spoke about an issue and was corrected! He had stated his entire point “backwards!”

Stay tuned for the next part of the story…..

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By John Nazarian
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May 14, 2015
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