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The Jurassic Jews

Tweet Most of my clients are motivated by results and could care less about costs, that has worked for us for over 21 years. All the nasty comments and ridicule frankly has made us even more money than I could

What Do You Mean We Are Broke?

Tweet Where do I start? I walked into department 6 over at the Stanley and was pleasantly surprised to see a “real judge” seasoned by years on the bench. When I say real judge, what I am seeing is a

Good Luck Ms. Kim

Tweet Seeing that I am on a roll here for seasoned “associate lawyers” who were once members of big firms now seeking fame and fortune on their own, meet my friend Soo J. Kim, Lawyer. Soo J. Kim is also

Told you so!

Tweet I am never ever one to say “well, I told you so,” but, “I told you so!” The big L.A. firms are still around, for now. Some are having a great deal of trouble in re-inventing what was once

Great News Southern California!!!

Tweet Good News Southern California potential DIVORCE people, you have another new and improved choice! Melanie Shornick, Lawyer is a free agent. After many many years with Trope and Trope, Melanie has taken the plunge. Many have tried and fallen

Pass the KY and kleenex please…

Tweet Breaking News…..What Los Angeles Superior Court Judge gave a lawyer for the “WIFE” the go ahead to go and take “HUSBANDS” phone and copy it, BY COURT ORDER, because he had joined a club to JERK OFF! Masturbating can

Silk Suits By Twilight Zone

Tweet How many times during the adventures of a DIVORCE does the wife try and dupe her soon to be X out of his parental duties. Now, I am not talking about a plate of spaghetti or a delicious meatloaf