Back In The Saddle

John J. Nazarian
March 22, 2024

It is nice to be back in the saddle again, for almost one year was flat on our backs! Was it that Sanskirt stuff called Karma? Nope, it was in fact two F*&Kers. For many years I had trusted two people to handle the website and it was all good till it wasn’t… one day we got sabotaged and we almost lost everything due to incompetence of a pair of ‘sidewinders.’ In my opinion, I believe someone got a big payday to try and make us disappear. We are now a family operated site and all outsiders can stay that way, OUTSIDE!

The cat cowboy riding a horse grazes cows.

As I enter my 32nd year in investigations and security we are as busy as we want to be. Licensed in 3 states and that was an adventure. We are fortunate to consider the Trump family friends of ours. We are very proud of that and hope that soon Donald J. Trump will be back as 47 and sitting in the big house. Flying all over the country has been exhilarating, but exhausting. We are now based in Montana or what I call the ‘Real America’. I still work and stay in California, as well as D.C. or what I call ‘The Communist Enclave’ both locations. Folks, if you ever get to come to Montana or the Dakotas you will think you fell back in time. It is very much like what I remember growing up in Boston during the 50’s and 60’s, it felt right. I will get into more of that later in upcoming articles.

We still have our home in Beverly Hills and with the new Chief of Police, Chief Stainbrook, the city feels almost like it did years ago. The department’s technology makes all of us sleep well at night.

The Stanley Mosk is still the ‘Palace of Perjury’ and the changes as to bench officers is a whole new world. Gordon, Lewis, Pellman, Goldberg, Marmaro, Meisinger, Paul and Silverman are all gone. They have all gone to Signature Resolution to make the money they never got while sitting as public servants. My opinion is, good for them especially Gordon and Pellman, they were career public servants and will make the big bucks. **Several of those listed were millionaires when they took the bench.

The silliness still exists in the form of what the litigants can come up with in the special world of DIVORCE.

Samantha Spector is still roaming the halls looking for a “friend,” as it seems her “mother” is getting conflicted out! Poor Samantha, I should do a calendar of useless high dollar DIVORCE lawyers, Sam could be January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November. What? Can any of you think of a more incompetent self promoter? The toughest part for Spector is the required wardrobe, what would she wear? She only has two outfits…. December would go to Stacy D. Phillips (OMG is her head shrinking or is her hair getting bigger?)

Talk about big and powerful, big congratulations to Mirka Royston, Lawyer. Mirka is still moving forward and still is as aggressive as they come. Then again, she was that way years ago at Trope and Trope, small but mighty.

Mirka Royston Family Law is based in Calabasas, California. This firm is unique in that when you hire the principal and founder that is who you will get, Mirka Royston, Esq. Any litigant who is trying to save themselves from DIVORCE billing machines in Century City will consider Mirka’s office like a ‘Port in a Storm’.

God Bless America!

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