Wrap That Pelican Up!

John J. Nazarian
April 14, 2008

The PelicanWell, for me the Pellicano trial is very much winding down, I did stop and visit for a short time on Friday to hear Anthony muddle through his defense strategy. I have always considered Anthony Pellicano as my adversary, and playing fair, I don’t believe that he could compete with me in what I do and I certainly could not have done what he did. To underestimate this guy would be a mistake. On one hand, I do to some degree understand his loyalty — but not that “Omerta” bullshit as that seemed to be right up there with bar talk, and many of us can relate to when someone drinks too much, the Johnny Walker testimonies!

Anthony is still staying tight-lipped, and looking at what he did and who he did it for does casue me to wonder, how did he keep it under wraps for so long? And when will he get his payday…he has to have one coming! He has kept so many secrets secret that you have to wonder what will be his reward for his silence. Prior to going away, he was being paraded around by Michael Viner with talk of a book deal and the rest…that I am sure will come, however, he will have tons of judgments and that, too was obvious just from all of the lawyers in the courtroom…the tone was “the big pay back,” you know, for all of those who were terrorized.

As for former Sgt. Arneson, to try and play it off like he was “doing good” is insulting to everyone, especially the LAPD, and continues to make him look like crap in a gutter. He at one time was a good cop and has a brother who is still with the LAPD and a highly respected member, I should Like to add! Sitting behind me the other day on Friday were 2 young ladies and one a little older; one of these young ladies was Josi, 17 and Tori, 18 they were with their mom, Kat Pellicano — also a very attractive woman! The girls were dressed nicely like young teenagers and Kat also looked well-dressed. Anthony, with wonderful children like this, how could you ever have looked at some of these tramps who worked for you as “like a daughter?” You, my friend, were lucky it would appear in love and foolish in your attempts to be above the law. You have two incredible girls and a wife that certainly cares!

As for the others, Ray Turner, Kevin Kachikian, and Little Abner Nicherie, I have been easy on you in my writings and for reasons I am not sure. Mr. Turner, it does appear from the evidence that you, too, were very good at what you did. And how you must have felt hearing of the hundreds of thousands of dollars Anthony was making off your ability…we will never know for sure how much you were paid, but I hope it was worth it. And now your son Ray has to follow in the shadow of your reputation at the phone company. And to have watched your phone company colleagues — the ladies who liked you — who now may have financial disasters on their hands, all because of you.

Kevin Kachikian, I believe that you knew exactly what you were doing, and for what. You are too smart not to have known. You will be fine and will go on, no one knows what the jury will do and what the court will do when that time comes, but your silence and that of your attorney was deafening!

Little Abner, whatever, I will always recall what you said to me on the elevator in the early stages of this trial, I had stated to a couple of people I was with, when a wiretap is done right, you will never find it!, and you, without missing a beat, said that’s right. I guess you would know! Funny comment.

To all of you I wish you the very best that the remainder of your lives can give to you. If I offended any of you with what I wrote, well it was just what I was thinking. And I believe that you are all guilty, guilty as the day is long. And we are all so lucky that we live in a country where we get to play this game of “justice.” Otherwise, in times gone by, you would have been hung, stoned to death or dipped like tea bags in a cold river. Either way, I have found your crimes fascinating and at the same time, the price that you sold out for even more fascinating! Excluding Anthony Pellicano, short of taking over the bank he got paid very well for what he was able to do! And again, I wish you all well!

To all of the reporters that I spent so many mornings and days with, what a bunch! Some of you I had met while you were doings stories on me, and I am sure that our paths will cross again on other issues in the future. You men and women are the best (with the exception of two who I will not miss at all…I think you know who you are!), you can always call me if I can be of help! And thanks for helping me with my quotes and fact-checking!

Security at the Federal Court house was amazing, the U.S. Marshals, the retired officers who protect the building, the FBI — and my favorite of all is Special Agent Stan Ornellas and the always well-dressed female agent who sat next to him. All of these people made me feel safe and secure and I thank all of them too! I will be back for the verdict and till then, I am out of here!

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