Why there are no ads here

March 12, 2009

Someone that I have a great deal or respect for, Steven Mikulan, staff writer for the amazing L.A. Weekly asked why DesperateExes.com does not sell advertising. Steven said that when he goes to most blogs and sees no advertisers he moves on quickly…not mine however, Steven is a fan! DesperateExes.com is nothing more than a hobby of mine, and we make no money from it.

It was developed from an idea for a book, a book that we could never get off the ground. Now we have a loyal following for what I have to say about the events in the world of divorce…and even my feelings about other things such as FOOD. I love giving away my time to women who have been screwed. I also have several males who take advice from the wizard of all investigations and the world of divorce. I consider what I write and say as doing a good deed, something for the “hereafter.”

I have said this many times before, my opinions are pointed and sharp at times but I never try to hurt anyones feelings. However, the truth, I do understand, can be painful. Almost like when I found out that I was adopted as an infant, it was the truth and it hurt me to the bone. That until I understood the love that went into the act of adopting me, and why not, I was an adorable baby! And to prove that look at me now, gorgeous, pure perfection!

So if you look at our site and do not see any advertisers do not think that we are not in the same league as the other blogs that do accept advertising. Note: If GE or Daimler made us an offer I might change my mind!

PS I also would like to thank Paul Lieberman of the Los Angeles Times for his kind words. Also Ciraran McEvoy of the Daily Journal, one of the best reporters in the federal court system, there are others but these guys I have a great deal of respect for and best of all I know that I can trust them.

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