Tortuga del Sol: a great hangout

July 7, 2009

This Fourth of July weekend I was out of town on an assignment that will take me a several more days to crack, but I have a hook in deep in my “target.” And I think he is beginning to feel my presence or at least I hope.

I had to get down to Palm Springs and I had to get there fast. Over the last 20 years I am sure I have stayed at all the big places and more or less hated each one more than the previous one. You know, valet, walk to check in and then walk and walk to get to a room with no view. And then walk and walk and take an elevator to the pool that is so full of kids it is almost like swimming in chlorinated piss. And the land of $25 hamburgers served to you at poolside….I am so done with that crap. For me, I want to park, walk a few feet, be checked in and a few more feet I am in my room.

Well I found this great little private resort owned and operated by Ricardo Gomez and his partner Robert Petro. It is called Tortuga del Sol, 715 E. San Lorenzo Road, Palm Springs, California 92264 760-416-3111 This place is very friendly and is primarily geared to males!

Tortuga del Sol suiteThis place is just perfect. I had one of the biggest suites, very nice living room with big screen TV, dvd and stereo in the living room, a great kitchen, everything you will need for a light snack or a full meal. Very nice, and master suite with some great linens and a ton of soft pillows, this place is as perfect as you can get. My front door was just a few feet from the pool. And it was always clean…Robert keeps the place sparkling, and it shows the nine years of love Robert and Ricardo put into the place. I think that this suite was one of the cleanest rooms I have ever checked into….Punta Mita was close, but that was $ 18,000 a day…there is a big difference, but close here folks. I am paying $189 a day for it is a holiday rate, the regular off season rate is $ 139, either way this place is worth it, nice and classy in a very cool way.

I promise you that you will not be disappointed, every room is very nice and there are turtles everywhere, some fake and several real ones…..great idea. Clothing is optional and as is always the case, and this place was no exception, it is never the “pretty ones” who have the desire to run around or sit by the pool naked….some of these guys were so old that I am shocked that some did not trip on a low hanging body part at times. For me, I am always dressed appropriately as I know several people would love to get a picture of me in such a position. Too bad TMZ or Globe…..not happening!

Visit this place and I promise you two things, a great price and a very secure and peaceful place to hang out! oooops, relax!

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