Tiger and Elin lawyer up

December 20, 2009

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren splitTiger Woods has hired Marty Singer of the very prestigious firm of Lavely & Singer. Hiring someone like Marty Singer is sending a serious message to all those who find screwing with Tiger Woods fun…the fun has ended, just ask Marty. I am very familiar with Mr. Singer, and a nicer guy you won’t find, but in saying this I do not believe that there is another lawyer on the planet earth who can do what he does,and that is to remove the “fun” from those who like to kick and stomp a celebrity when he or she is down. Taking a page from Nazarian and Associates’ game book, “you need to start fires in the camps of others, so they can have the same enjoyment of having to put them out.” And Marty is an earth scorcher. Not even Nazarian and Associates’ “fire truck” can cool that fire.

Not to be outdone, it is being reported that Elin Nordegren has hired the biggest divorce lawyer in the world, Sorrell Trope, of Trope and Trope. One thing we can say about Tiger and Elin: they know who to turn to for competent help. Sorrell is a no-nonsense lawyer who will not put up with any games, he is the best in the profession and dam near invented divorce law. This has to be very painful for Ms. Nordegren and only time and good counsel will ease the pain in the weeks and months to come.

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