The Verdicts Are In – Trick or Treat!

October 31, 2010

Three Stooges and CrewNumerous people have asked if I had a comment or thought on “the verdicts.” That afternoon I was on my way to New York for an assignment with one of my sons. I had the driver put the limos radio on the local news and heard the verdicts. Funny, the day before Dr. Bubbles was reported to be in a state of tears and Howard was comforting her…I was not sure if that was a “hug” or a “head lock,” either would have been appropriate…one more than the other, LOL

(Let me cover a little issue, there have been alleged statements from “the horses ass” that I was fired by Dr. Bubbles…NEVER was I fired by anyone involved in this case! Anyone who can show me proof in writing that I was ever “fired,” I will pay them $5,000…so be sure you are not talking to “the horses ass” as “she” has caused a great deal of damage and continues to…and as I warned, “Let sleeping dogs sleep.” Or I promise, there will be tears enough to fill a very big pool! Also let me just say this to try and understand my position, reality never hit home with some of these people, and when I feel like I am being lied to or bullshitted I am gone. Be right with me and I will stand at the gates of hell with you, do the other, I will be having a cold drink sitting by a nice cool stream.)

Sure, like many I am surprised that Dr. Fabulous aka Kapoor walked away totallyfree…his “acts” of hiding the files and then trying to re-write the files were suspicious. Was I the only one that thought this behavior was curious, I am sure the investigators did, and how about you? Another thought on Dr. Fab…he does come across as likable, a little vulnerable, a little feminine and the jury I think liked that. He also had a great lawyer, a woman with an interesting presence in a courtroom. It all worked for them.

Dr. Bubbles Eroshevich I believe never made any money in this adventure that she pursued with much gusto and energy to be in the “in crowd.” I have been told that she was paid for interviews during the “fun times” right after Anna Nicole Smiths death. However, I have never heard of her actually making any money. If true she is the only one who did not make hundreds of thousands of dollars, THE only one. My other thought is that she came across as arrogant and not likable during the trial, smiling or those silly gigles at inappropriate times…simple, she does not come across as likable. I told Dr. Eroshevich of my concerns and that I felt that her license was in serious jeopardy. For reasons that will remain quiet, Dr. Eroshevich had choices, unfortunately she chose the wrong door. Now for some of you out there in the land of “horses asses,” you know nothing, zilch, less than zero about any of this. The evidence was not always 100% but keep in mind, in every lie there is a little truth. And something did happen, got it? good, get it!

For Howard, again, one of the smartest guys I have ever met, he thinks and rethinks and thinks some more. Is he a control freak? as much as he is brilliant and people with that characteristic can create havoc in their lives. Why? You can certainly be clever and manipulate and play the game of “he said she said” to keep everyone off balance. What I mean here is this, you are a part of the “crowd,” you think that you are liked and trusted, then one day you go from “good guy” to “bad guy.” You wait a few days and BAM you are a good guy again. With the money Anna had, a real nurse could have been hired, a real body guard could have been hired, but someone hired two clowns to take care of Anna and why? They were cheap and in the end it was the incompetence that set all of this into motion. Had a real nurse, someone would have been physically checking Anna…what nurse walks into a room and does not check the patient first thing? NONE that is who, none! Real registry nurses cost money, and could there had been any shenanigans with a real registered nurse I think not…now again, you and the talking horse’s ass, have no idea of the facts, none…there was a great deal of truth in what was said about those dam spoons…”oh no Mr. Bill, tell me it ain’t so”….remember the “tell all,” I do.

Now for all of you who live in the land of fantasy and horse’s asses, this jury took a great deal of time to come to the conclusions that they did. The district attorney is very much aware that they won, they got a conviction and to think that a judge is going to make it all go away? Wake up, it was Judge Perry who was told to “believe in the jury,” well he did and he needs to be careful that he as a bench officer does not insult the jury and the system that he represents. And he has a boss too, and there are going to be a number of people looking at whatever decision he makes. The timing is bad, it is an election year and these defendants are in the middle of it. Steve Sadow I thought had the jury and they were getting it, I was wrong again (on the other hand, it could have been a lot worse and they were cleared on many charges). I still believe that Steve is a great lawyer and as I said before, this is Los Angeles and L.A. juries, well they are L.A. juries!

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