The relentless Gary Fishbein

John J. Nazarian
February 19, 2011

Gary Fishbein, Lawyer Extraodinaire…I have come to the conclusion that Gary is to the world of divorce what Marty Singer is to the world of entertainment…two relentless Dobermans who will never give up. Marty has one of the most amazing legal minds in his field, I am proud to consider him a friend.

Talking to Gary Fishbein this morning, it came up in conversation that the other side had gone through like 4 or 5 lawyers. You know what I said to Gary…I believe it, it is because of you.” Fishbein is relentless in his search for what he feels is fair, and most of all the truth. Well, the Truth that will leave his client in the best shape…all incredible qualities. Now this as everything in divorce is not cheap and Fishbein has good clients with the ability and willingness to pay, that too is very important.

Several months ago, I got snookered and ended up on the wrong end of Garys wrath. What exactly happened I am not sure…but I believed my client, and in the end it was all bullshit. Mr. Fishbein represented the other side, and I got deposed. I have now been deposed by Gary Fishbein and Lisa H. Meyer, nice! The rent-a-judge, Judge Richard Denner, was looking like he was going to die any minute! He was very sick and having problems breathing, and when his nose began to bleed I knew it was almost over for this poor guy…but he continued at $500 an hour…not even death was going to stop that hourly rate! I sat to his honor’s left and passed him Kleenex, I swear, truth!

This was the once famous Judge Richard E. Denner, Ret. He died March 16, 2010 at the age of 69….well the day was bad for me, and even knowing that I had chosen the wrong side Gary was a total gentleman, aggressive but fair. I was represented by my good friend Bob Cohen, Esq. and it was like a club…we all knew each other and none were happy to be in this position…and to some their involvement was…thanks to me. I had believed this good Catholic girl and got smacked with a crucifix!

Again, the point here folks is that Gary Fishbeins name comes up at least once a month, and it is always an attorney complaining to me what a miserable SOB Fishbein is…LOL, I guess it pays to advertise. Gary is a specialist at making other attorneys wish that they had specialized in something other than DIVORCE law. And we are happy to consider Gary and his firm a friend.

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