The Murder of Mike Yepremyan

March 28, 2010

Gombert Mike Yepremyan19 year old Gombert Yepremyan, a fine young man known to friends and family as “Mike,” was brutally murdered over a text message. Mike was a student at Pierce College and worked as an emergency vehicle dispatcher. A devoted son to his loving mother Ani and father Art Yepremyan, Mike attended LA Baptist High School where he met his lovely girlfriend, Danielle. He was a good kid who worked hard and kept out of trouble, but on Nov. 18, 2009, trouble found him on the corner of Laurel Canyon and Victory Blvds, at the Sears parking lot in North Hollywood. Earlier that evening, Mike had sent a text message to his girlfriend, Danielle, warning her to “Stay away from that bitch,” that bitch being Khatun “Kat” Vardanian, a girl Danielle had begun hanging out with occasionally. He just had a bad feeling about her…little did he know how prophetic that feeling would be. The text message came through while Danielle’s iphone was sitting in her car’s center console, where Kat saw it, went into a rage, and immediately set in motion the events that led to Mike’s death only hours later. She allegedly called relatives who got together an Armenian posse who went gunning for Mike. For a text message! Mike and his school buddies agreed to meet them to “talk it over.” But before they knew what happened, Mike had been shot in the neck, hitman-style, and the culprits disappeared in a black BMW. The getaway driver fled the country. The shooter has not been caught.

But as of Friday, March 26, the “Kat” is in the bag. Department 100 on the third floor of Van Nuys Criminal Court is Judge Thomas Rubinsons court and the calendar was very full with an assortment of misfits. Several of those misfits were of Armenian descent, LMAO it was as goofy a group as you could imagine, who dresses “my” people? I looked at the shoes of a couple guys and it was some garish design, long and with a slight curl at the toe…Armenian high fashion.

The occasion was supposed to be the arraignment of Khatun “Kat” Vardanian, DOB: 4.30.1989, for “conspiracy to commit assault,” for which she had been out on a paltry $30,000 bail. Why is it in LA that some business tycoon gets a million bail for putting giant ads on buildings, but for causing someone’s murder you can walk for $30,000?

Well anyway, there was a nice little surprise waiting in court for Kat the Bitch. She was re-arrested for the murder of Gombert “Mike” Yepremyan, yes you read this correctly, murder. Khatun Vardanian arrived in Department 100 this morning with her father, Samuel and her uncle Abraham, they looked to be a happy bunch in a serious way. She was dressed in a short black dress with a white top and way too short and way,way too tight. Black heels and her hair brushed and a few curls over her face. Khatun is built, let’s just say, “substantially”…we Armenians like our food and can pack on the pounds. Donald B. Marks, Khatuns lawyer told the court, all she did was tell her brother, Go beat em up (for calling her a BITCH)…..what????????? I was shocked to hear him say this! I was wondering if he realized that if I tell my son to go beat some kid up and that kid falls and hits his head on the curb and dies, we are all going down for a murder. Khatun, you did not need Mr. Marks to make this comment on your behalf, you could have hit yourself in the eye with that statement and it would have been cheaper.

Khatun Vardanian is represented by Donald B. Marks and Anthony Brooklier, well for now, anyway. The original charge was conspiracy to commit an assault,” bail of $30,000 was put up with them paying $3,000 or ten percent to a bail agent. The new bail is $1,000,000 and Mr. Brookliers fees should also increase considerably, defending a murderer. When Ms. Vardanian was lead away to the holding area, she whined, Daddy! She was shaken, and will now be spending time with some unsavory characters. Hmmm, maybe she will feel at home in that crowd after all. From another part of the courtroom someone uttered, Justice.” Justice? Not yet for Mike’s devastated, grieving parents Art and Ani, his little sister Cristina, his girlfriend Danielle, and Mike’s many friends. For justice, the shooter, the driver, and her co-conspirators need to be brought before the court and answer for the cold-blooded killing of Gombert “Mike” Yepremyan, over a text message epithet that turned out to be all too fitting. She will be hearing that word a lot in the jail house and in prison. Life in jail is a BITCH, and you may well end up as someones BITCH.

Khatun Vardanian’s arraignment on the new charge of MURDER is set for April 7.

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