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John J Nazarian, The King of Divorce, on the big screen – Divorce Corp.

Tweet Who would have ever bet this would happen? ME! John J. Nazarian, ‘The King of Divorce’, sharing the big screen with Sorrell Trope and Dennis Wasser…..to some degree, exactly the people this movie is attacking! No question in my

Who Da Sheriff? John Nazarian Advice on Politics

Tweet As a former deputy sheriff with the San Francisco Sheriff’s department I have to say nothing would surprise me and nor should it you when it comes to S.F. politics. Michael Hennessey was the Sheriff for over 30 years,

It’s trial time for text message murder defendant Vahagn Jurian

Tweet Call me crazy, but was I surprised at today’s ruling in Division 112 of the Van Nuys Criminal Courts? Not at all, Vahagn Jurian aka “the little guy“ is being held to answer by Judge Karen J. Nudell, it