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Miss Elizabeth Taylor

Tweet Elizabeth Taylor is gone. I had the opportunity to have a few dealings with Miss Taylor and it was odd in so many ways. Odd in so much what was I doing talking with, visiting in her bedroom, and

High Profile Attorney Robert J.Nachshin has Moved to Olympic Boulevard

Tweet One of the wonderful things about being your own boss is the ability to change and rethink where you are at certain times in your life. Who cannot remember when we had bigger staffs and all the headaches that

Gene Simmons’ loose tongue angers Jacksons

Tweet When does expressing your opinion or speaking the truth become a problem? For many of us, very often! Gene Simmons comes to my mind in his recent pissing contest with the “Michael Jackson Tribute Concert.” That would be Gene

Ex says “Stay away, Jose!” to Canseco

Tweet Leila Shennib gets a five year restraining order against Jose Canseco! Yup, you are “out!” The gorgeous swimsuit and glam model got the BIG “You’re outta here” restraining order against the one time baseball player Jose Canseco. This guy

Hogwashing Dr. Arnold Klein

Tweet For some in Michael Jackson’s so called inner circle the sky is falling! TMZ is reporting that in a recent lawsuit filed by one of Dr. Arnie Klein’s assistants and confidants, Jason Pfeiffer, it is stated that Jason had

Amy Winehouse needed someone to say yes yes yes to rehab

Tweet When you are as wealthy and have all the personal problems with substance abuse that Amy Winehouse had, she should never have been left alone. Why is it that people who know that someone is in this condition they

Revisiting the Basic Facts in the Teen Text Murder of Gombert “Mike” Yepremyan in November 2009

Tweet 19 year old Gombert Yepremyan, a fine young man known to friends and family as “Mike,” was brutally murdered over a text message. Mike was a student at Pierce College and worked as an emergency vehicle dispatcher. A devoted