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“……. But Wrong Under the Law “

Tweet I have been spending very little time at the Stanley as of late. All good. We have been so swamped and equally busy doing appearances for ‘E’ as well as ‘Pod Casts’. There is also the work, OMG we

You can SMOKE CRACK & Be the Mayor of Toronto but WALTER can’t SMOKE WEED and live at home

Tweet What can you achieve when you go to court and BLATANTLY lie to a judge assigned to family law? LOTS, ‘Mucho Mas’. This is a story that is beyond hideous and the end result could be even more terrible!

Going To The Moon, Judge Marc D. Gross

Tweet As many of you know DESPERATEEXES.com is the go to place for people from all over the world as well as news agencies and networks wanting to read what I have to say. My comments and thoughts on sitting

Big Sissies And Fruit Loops

Tweet Many of us ask this question at times , ‘is the system broke’, when talking about the criminal justice system and I am convinced that at times it is. Case in point, Sean Allan Harrison, king of ‘Koo Koo

For Whom The Bell Tolls……SplitsVille Lawyer Style

Tweet Did you hear that bell? Kolodny and Anteau, they are done…… The “A Force of Law” are no longer, as of last week, September 2013. Stephen A. Kolodny has filed a suit against his one time partner, Ronald W.

Divorce Hollywood Style Part Deux — Koo Koo for Cocoa Puffs

Tweet August 4th, 2013 I did a piece on ‘ Divorce Hollywood Style ‘. Well let me just say this, insanity has competition when it comes to a ‘Gay Divorce’. The two parties sitting in Dept 2 this day was

One Lawyer was heard talking to another Lawyer, ” hey do you happen to have a sword ? “, ” Dam Knot! “

Tweet “ Paul Nassif Throws in the Towel “ This is the headline on TMZ…..all the more reason that they should NOT have an office at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse…..How does a publicity ‘rag’ like TMZ get to have this?