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John Nazarian to Orange County….Get ready, here comes M.O.L.M

Tweet What happens in the world of DIVORCE lawyers when one large Century City firm feels it is time to stretch? Meyer, Olson, Lowy & Meyers, LLP have decided to do just that, stretch. This Century City ‘Divorce’ firm has

John Nazarian: Water pistol vs Nukes

Tweet Things at the Mosk could not be better and based on the opinion of lawyers and comments and accolades of other judges, it falls at the feet of Judge Scott M. Gordon, presiding judge. The court now runs its

John J Nazarian, The King of Divorce, on the big screen – Divorce Corp.

Tweet Who would have ever bet this would happen? ME! John J. Nazarian, ‘The King of Divorce’, sharing the big screen with Sorrell Trope and Dennis Wasser…..to some degree, exactly the people this movie is attacking! No question in my

John J Nazarian UNLEASHED December 8 2013

Tweet New Current Events Podcasts with John J Nazarian P I on BlogTalkRadio Enjoy and you can now download the pod cast. Follow John J Nazarian On Face Book and on Twitter; follow John and see who John J Nazarian

Judge Bruce Iwasaki LOVES throwing people out of Homes or Courtrooms..YOU NEED TO APOLOGIZE!

Tweet What a day in Department 63 the ‘Honorable’ Judge Bruce G. Iwasaki, who up to today was ‘OK’ with this site, “No Mas”…..all of a sudden this nit wit in a black robe channeling ‘Truman Capote’ decides to throw

John J Nazarian Thrown Out Of Courtroom!!!!

Tweet Today, our own John J Nazarian went into court to continue watching a case he had previously done an article on AND WAS THROWN OUT OF THE COURTROOM, allegedly at the bidding of the same two women who trumped

“……. But Wrong Under the Law “

Tweet I have been spending very little time at the Stanley as of late. All good. We have been so swamped and equally busy doing appearances for ‘E’ as well as ‘Pod Casts’. There is also the work, OMG we