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John J. Nazarian “Iwasaki hits one for the Gipper!”

Tweet I wandered into the Honorable Judge Bruce Iwasaki’s courtroom the other day, Department 63. This is the very same courtroom that on December 6, 2013 I was tossed out for being a member of the media. Rather unceremoniously I

John Nazarian: Contempt = Dad’s 2 Prosecution 0

Tweet Is this the season for contempt charges brought against ‘Dads’ by ‘Moms’? How lucky, or unlucky, for some that I was present for the hands down slaughter of prosecuting lawyers in Los Angeles DIVORCE courts??? First I get to

John Nazarian Explains his View of “Hail Mary Full of Rale …… & Glucksman”

Tweet John J Nazarian said recently that the last time he saw this many  “Hail Mary’s”, he was at the Vatican in Rome a few years back, people were wailing, and it was happening again in a Los Angeles Superior