John J Nazarian – You are so Right John on…….!

Recently we received a comment as to the qualifications and most important of all the temperament of MONITORS. Or more appropriately, Certified Visitation Monitors, these are the people who the court will order and or appoint to watch and take notes of your visits with your children. Sounds simple and easy right? Wrong! I have …

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Courts need to monitor the monitors!

Judge Silverman what a mistake you made! Last summer a “monitor” was appointed by the court (you) and the behavior and activity of these monitors is just the worst! I have to wonder what is on the court’s mind to allow a “monitor” to stay in a mansion in Encino? And to live the “Life …

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Who’s monitoring the monitors?

Back on February 27, 2011 my good friend Victoria Kim and Kim Christensen of the Los Angeles Times reported that Dr. Joseph Kenan was being investigated for “posting lewd photos of himself on Facebook and allegedly promoting illegal drug use, unprotected sex and male prostitution.” Ok, I get it and I might even agree with …

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