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Dodgers – John J Nazarian is First to Say —–

Tweet Well, can I be the first one to say that the ‘poop has hit the fan’, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon from high up from his bench has blown the covers right off the deal between Frank

GANGSTER SQUAD… by Paul Lieberman a Best Seller & Movie

Tweet For well over 15 years I have had a friend who at one time was a big shot with the Los Angeles Times, there was a time this was possible. This friend and I met during my time with

Why was Jenni Rivera on a 43 YEAR OLD Lear Jet 25?

Tweet It was brought to my attention that ‘emergency responders’ were or had stolen items from the Lear Jet wreckage that Jenni Rivera and her staff had all died in. For those who were killed, it is reported was ‘horrific’,

The Verdict and the Winners Are! The Finale on Teen Text Murder of Mike ‘Gombert’ Yepremyan

Tweet October 5, 2012 and here we are sitting on the 6th floor of the Van Nuys Court House, Judge Dohi is presiding. In the batters cage we have Zareh Manjikian aka ‘The Shooter’, Vahagn Jurian aka ‘The Short One

“Did you just fart?”

Tweet Being popular is not one of my primary criteria when I write and or express my thoughts. One reason is simple, I often discuss things that others are thinking and do not have a platform to express themselves….such as

Judge Pellman is watching the LA DCFS and so should we all

Tweet The Los Angeles Times, in an article by Garrett Therolf dated July 2nd,is reporting that a judge in children’s court “Rebukes child welfare workers for abusing their power.“ Hello! this is no big news, it is about time judges

The “Medical” Marijuana Con editorial by John J Nazarian

Tweet Have the citizens and cops lost their minds? Well the citizens, at least in this morning’s Los Angels Times a story titled, “Dispensing Profit,” written by Joe Mozingo. Great story except he left another great group out of this