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Little Bits – Careful what you ask for!

Tweet It was reported to DESPERATEEXES.com that Attorney David Karton asked Judge Daniel Murphy of the Probate court for $100,000.00 for fees and got a big fat goose egg. Judge Murphy awarded him NOTHING ZERO ZILCH! LMAO. A bold move,

Little Bits–Angry Divorce lawyers, wild wheels and footwear

Tweet These are the times of ‘angry’ DIVORCE lawyers. One ‘DIVORCE’ lawyer says to another “You really are not a very nice person”…….LMAO, this was said by one of the lawyers who was critical in the Anthony Pellicano case a

‘Little Bits’ is going to be a new feature of DESPERATEEXES.com

Tweet One of the funniest comments I have heard this week is one DIVORCE lawyer communicates to another DIVORCE lawyer and says, ‘Your fees are excessive’. This is a little like the kettle calling the pot black, is it not!