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1Adam12 EOW RIP Martin Milner

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Another Update on Fucking Fortune Cookie—Special Cop Discount food for Cops! Caught in the Act.

Tweet On of California Highway Patrol’s finest caught in the act of getting “Special Cop Discount” food. Click here for the full story. Follow John J Nazarian On Face Book and on Twitter; follow John and see who John J

Update on Fucking Fortune Cookie—FREE food for Cops!

Tweet Remember those Rat Bastards at City Wok, in Studio City. You know, spend 70.00 dollars, good U.S. money and get no fortune cookies with your take out order. ‘You need to ask for them’, unless you are a member

Fucking Fortune Cookie

Tweet For several years maybe longer I have been eating Chinese food at a place in Studio City named City Wok…..it is a clever use of the City Walk, the tourist trap at Universal City. The food for the most

No License, No Problem

Tweet “NO DRIVERS LICENSE, NO PROBLEM”…what about all of us who had to learn the rules of the road and then take a test to be sure we knew what we were doing so we would not kill someone on

The ACLU – Chief of Police Ron Depompa – Glendale California

Tweet “Spaniards and Mexicans”, do you realize that in Glendale at least at the level of Chief of Police they are the same, sure they are, does Spain not share a border with Mexico? I guess when you become a

Congratulations, Ass’t Police Chief Mark Stainbrook!

Tweet Congratulations to Lt. Mark Stainbrook of the Los Angeles Police Department on his recent appointment to Assistant Police Chief of the San Diego Harbor Police. Mark was chosen from a pool of 91 potential applicants for this position. The