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DivorceCORP–an insider’s view

Tweet For most people who see DivorceCORP – Joe Sorge’s shockingly eye opening documentary on Family Court; the real villain won’t be immediately apparent. For some — in reflection, the real villain still might not emerge at all. The real villain has

John J Nazarian, The King of Divorce, on the big screen – Divorce Corp.

Tweet Who would have ever bet this would happen? ME! John J. Nazarian, ‘The King of Divorce’, sharing the big screen with Sorrell Trope and Dennis Wasser…..to some degree, exactly the people this movie is attacking! No question in my

John J Nazarian NOT immune to Hit and Run Wrecks!!!

Tweet Hit and run drivers are a plague in Los Angeles, it is terrible to the 10th degree. Many of those who do it are often illegals and will head for the border leaving death and destruction in their wake.

Linda Brackins-Willett 1945-2013

Tweet We at DESPERATEEXES.com are sad to report that Linda Brackins – Willett has died. Mrs. Brackins – Willett was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Linda and Judge Robert E. Willett were married for 33 years…. Our condolences to Judge Robert

Celebrity PI John J Nazarian Dicusses the Death of Carlos Vigil Tonight

Tweet Celebrity P. I. John J Nazarian’s will be talking about the suicide death of gay bullying Carlos Vigil this past week. The guests for tonight’s show will include forensic psychologist Dr. Glenn Lipson and gay activist and co-chair of

John J Nazarian Unleashed Guest tonight is Elder Law Attorney Gary R Lieberman

Tweet The show is tonight at 7 PM PDT – 8 PM MDT – 9 PM CDT and 10 PM EDT. The call in number to join the discussion or ask a question is 646-200-0556 (LONG DISTANCE CHARGES DO APPLY).

John J Nazarian UNLEASHED

Tweet John J Nazarian is returning to the airwaves! His first show is TONIGHT Sunday, June 2, 2013 at 7 PM PDT. This show will be an interview by Rose Turner asking John questions she has after working with him