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Dr. Khristine Eroshevich the Chickens will not be Coming Home to Roost or will they?

Tweet Just when you think that it might be OK to take the foil off the windows, BAM! The Second District Court of Appeals reversed several of Judge Robert Perry’s decisions and now the stink is going to be coming

John J Nazarian’s Guest Tonight is Dr. Glenn Lipson Profiler

Tweet Straight Talk with Celebrity P. I. John J. Nazarian will have as a guest tonight, Glenn S. Lipson, PhD, who is a California-based forensic psychologist, with vast experience in performing criminal evaluations and testifying for both prosecutors and the

John J Nazarian Explains What California Criminal Realignment Means in Dr. Conrad Murray Sentence

Tweet Straight Talk with John J Nazarian, Nazarian is going to explain to us not living in California why both sides were not happy today, and why did Judge Pastor hint that the D. A. office might have sought second

Pellicano Files for Divorce

Tweet DESPERATEEXES.COM EXCLUSIVE!!! Anthony Pellicano has filed for divorce from his wife Kat Pellicano. The two were together for well over 25 years. Mr. Pellicano is represented by Robert J. Nachshin,Lawyer, Mr. Nachshin has been in the trenches of divorce

It’s trial time for text message murder defendant Vahagn Jurian

Tweet Call me crazy, but was I surprised at today’s ruling in Division 112 of the Van Nuys Criminal Courts? Not at all, Vahagn Jurian aka “the little guy“ is being held to answer by Judge Karen J. Nudell, it