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Marvin Mitchelson Victim of Lawyering Remora – Investigative Reporting by John J Nazarian

Tweet Marvin Mitchelson the Father of Palimony has been dead for almost 10 years….I worked on a couple of issues for Marvin a couple of years before his death. And I am here to thank god that Marvin never owed

Anthony Pellicano looking to fly the Federal coop on John J Nazarian’s Birthday

Tweet Anthony Pellicano is flapping his wings and looks to be preparing to try and take flight! Just needs a body of water to get a little traction and get into the air again. That is of course unless Judge

Short n’ sweets!

Tweet UPDATE: I have been informed that my friend Hillary is taking a well deserved break and is not partnering up. And that Tara will be back at T&T…I am still thinking a well deserved break will be in order