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John Nazarian: 2 CHP officers killed in early morning accident

Tweet We at DESPERATEEXES.COM are devastated to hear this morning that two California Highway Patrol officers were killed when their patrol car struck a pylon just off a freeway exit on the treacherous highway 99. Hwy 99 runs through Fresno

Another Update on Fucking Fortune Cookie—Special Cop Discount food for Cops! Caught in the Act.

Tweet On of California Highway Patrol’s finest caught in the act of getting “Special Cop Discount” food. Click here for the full story. Follow John J Nazarian On Face Book and on Twitter; follow John and see who John J

Update on Fucking Fortune Cookie—FREE food for Cops!

Tweet Remember those Rat Bastards at City Wok, in Studio City. You know, spend 70.00 dollars, good U.S. money and get no fortune cookies with your take out order. ‘You need to ask for them’, unless you are a member

Did This Granny Drop the F-Bomb?

Tweet How many times have we sat in our living rooms and watched the late evening news to hear of some ‘poor person’ driving down the freeway and he’s ‘blasted’? Blasted in a hail of gunfire and or run off