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Charlee’s Thoughts – Ray Donovan is Anthony Pellicano???

Tweet Back in the day, when I sat everyday in the wonderful world of Judge Dale Fischer’s federal courtroom I got one hell of lesson at what some very corrupt lawyers in Los Angeles will do to “ Win “!

John Connolly – Ray Donovan – Anthony Pellicano – Scientology Spy?

Tweet I have to admit, after my friend Kat contacted me about some thoughts that she had on a new TV show, Ray Donovan, I watched. And I may be hooked, hooked on what would appear to be total bullshit

Dodgers – John J Nazarian is First to Say —–

Tweet Well, can I be the first one to say that the ‘poop has hit the fan’, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon from high up from his bench has blown the covers right off the deal between Frank

Anthony Pellicano up date: ” For Whom the Bell Tolls “

Tweet The Hollywood Reporter is casually reporting that Brad Grey has gotten away without any liability in the Anthony Pellicano expose of chaos he created in Los Angeles many years ago. The Paramount Pictures big wig, Gray was given the

Pellicano Files for Divorce

Tweet DESPERATEEXES.COM EXCLUSIVE!!! Anthony Pellicano has filed for divorce from his wife Kat Pellicano. The two were together for well over 25 years. Mr. Pellicano is represented by Robert J. Nachshin,Lawyer, Mr. Nachshin has been in the trenches of divorce