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Marvin Mitchelson Victim of Lawyering Remora – Investigative Reporting by John J Nazarian

Tweet Marvin Mitchelson the Father of Palimony has been dead for almost 10 years….I worked on a couple of issues for Marvin a couple of years before his death. And I am here to thank god that Marvin never owed

I never embalmed a terrorist Is it Time to Have a Muslin Cemetery Here?

Tweet As an apprentice embalmer I embalmed police officers killed in the line of duty, several gangsters, and several celebrities and one or two industrialists. I never embalmed a terrorist. Would I, sure, what choice would I have had, I

FRUITCAKES and Where is Truman Capote’s “ashes”…….Woof!

Tweet Sometimes you have to really wonder if that perhaps in the great universe that there maybe a big ‘script’ and that we are all just actors ‘in the time’ we spend on this planet. “Ask the Fruitcake Lady“ is