So many Oksanas, so little time

April 26, 2009

Mel and Oksana GrigorievaWell if Mel Gibson thought that he and his soon to be Ex were going to have an “easy” divorce, heads up. With all of these Russian beauties showing up and, as I predicted, getting into the whole media craze…guess what, Robyn is reading this stuff too.

Mel has done more for the name “Oksana” than any hard-partying poptart gold medal skater. I understand that Moonshadows may be adding a Russian Tea Room to keep “his holiness” coming back! It was reported on PopEater that one of the Oksanas is as good on the piano as Sir Elton…she just is equipped a little better, I mean differently. Say what you will, Mr. Gibson has a great eye for females, including wife Robyn — a great-looking gal — and what they say about people with tons of money? “Cannot buy class.” Mr. Gibson, as I once told MJs handlers, with your money you could have flown to a far away place and not have had to taken a crap so close to were you live.

He is still a decent actor and as I said before, he will still be very rich in the end, as will Robyn and both lawyers and even maybe one or two P.I.s. The Russian influence in the United States has been substantial, the quality of the female company that a guy can buy has improved 10 fold and the vodka too has changed in a way who would have ever thought. Many of these Russian girls are very attractive and that cute little accent, I am here to tell you, has been an issue in several divorces…Russian vodka was a problem in many marriages for many years, I am wondering if perhaps some households may be longing for the “good ol’ days” of the Cold War when US-Russian relations weren’t quite so friendly.

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