Restraining order for foul mouth?!

June 16, 2010

NEWS FLASH A Los Angeles Superior Court Judge issued a permanent restraining order on behalf of a woman who testified that she had NO FEAR, zilch, nada. Sleeps like a baby and has a relatively fair yet sometimes grumpy relationship with Mr. X. Mrs. X was very clear that she had no real fear of her soon to be EX aka “piggy bank.”

And what you ask did Mr. X do to piss off Mrs. X? In an e-mail he called her the “C” word, yup that that one word set ofF a whole chain of events, he called his soon to be EX a “Fn C***.” We were all very surprised when the judge found that that comment warranted a RESTRAINING ORDER!!! In so much that if all the soon to be Mrs. Xs could get a lawyer and get to court for that, how many Xs aka sperm donors aka Sugar Daddy’s would be having to sell or secure their gun collections?

Also, she was very fond of discussing what part of Europe she would be visiting and whether to take summer clothes or winter ones, you get it folks…MONEY MONEY MONEY! Call her callous, mean, ruthless, alcoholic, drug addicted, lunatic,cagey,

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