Pellicano Trial: Wright, Wrong and Ray

John J. Nazarian
March 31, 2008

Well I heard it before I saw it. Teresa Wright came into the court and it seemed she was “welling” up, and as she stated her name you could hear the emotion in her voice. This woman had a great job with the phone company, but unlike “Happy Ray” never got a chance to retire. She was canned, trashed and shown the door! Not even a “gold phone” — zippo!

Upon sitting she was asked to point out “Happy Ray” and she did, he was sitting at the end of the table like a lump. She told the court that she was a “manager” and always gave Rayford Turner whatever he asked for! And this was Ray’s Day to hear how his life was going to change, more likely for the worse. She told the court that she had done hundreds of private record searches…did she say hundreds? And again we got to see Anita Buschs name. Hmmm, just a thought, I wonder what the Pelican thinks when he hears that name? LMAO!

She and Turner had been friends for more than 20 years, and she was crying…oh, I felt so bad for her. Even Pellicano turned away from seeing her. However, when I looked at “Happy Ray,” he was just staring and was dry-eyed. Hell, he got a retirement and he got paid and paid and paid, and his friend of more than 20 years got bupkis. It has been said by many that I am the Anti-Doctor Phil, as I live in the real world and I actually have licenses for what I do, but looking at this bunch do not the cuckoo birds of a feather flock together?” This is my thought: a Pelican, Kiwi, Vulture, and DoDo Bird, you pick the one for each of these nitwits! Oh, I almost forgot one, Ostrich! Ms. Wright said that even after “Happy” retired he would call and she would give him stuff. Sometimes by phone, and sometimes they would meet, and so far the “payment” has not been discussed. Teresa looks to have not missed too many meals, and I was wondering if he traded perhaps donuts or cakes? I am not trying to insensitive and I apologize, maybe a box of fried chicken, how did he compensate this poor woman?

When Mr. Lopes was explaining the screen showing who had accessed these telephone accounts, it was shown that when someone made an entry, they could as they exited type ERR, which means “in error.” When Ms. Wright was asked why she did that, she stated, So I would not leave a trail…Oh that worked, can we file that under OOOPS?! I guess she never knew that a group like the one Mr. Lopes headed existed, and of course who could ever have suspected that anyone would ever get caught? As for her thinking on this, Ms. Wright was very Wrong…I hope that she saved for a rainy day, because it is raining, and hard!

Mr. Rayford Turner, how did you feel today?

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