Pellicano Trial: Who’s Feeling Threatened Now?

John J. Nazarian
March 20, 2008

Anthony PellicanoAnthony Pellicano met his match this morning in court when Ms. Jude Green showed up. She was dressed very nicely and her hair was flawless, a class act here folks! Her husband was one Leonard Green, he was involved in the Rite Aid fiasco and the loss of millions. And he was in the throes of a messy divorce and the attorney representing him was Bert Fields and other familiar names in this trial at different times. Wasser and Stephen Kolodny were all mentioned this morning and it was not nice! Ms. Green told the court that Kolodny had told her, “Tony Pellicano runs family law” and “no judge can help you!” and we heard things like, “Pellicano is on the case, watch your back!”…or I guess you could hang up on him! What an asshole he tried to be to this woman, as if victimizing her once was not enough. But this is one tough lady and she gave it back with both barrels, and for a lack of better terms, she pulled his plug!

The law firm of Weston and Nachshin was mentioned a great deal today, and it was all bad news. Ms. Green spoke about a meeting about a settlement conference and her lawyer was none other than Robert Nachshin. Ms. Green describes seeing Mr. Nachshin “red faced,” “flushed” and “out of control!” When she asked him what was going on he told her, “he would speak to me when he got back to his office!” Well Anthony Pellicano had met with Nachshin and told him, “there are easy ways to make money and hard ways to make money”…”I will settle your case.” Ms. Green told the court that her attorney told her that she could settle the case with Pellicano or Dan Jaffe (then her husband’s attorney)! She refused and fired her attorneys on the spot! As Pellicano was trying to be cute and confront Ms. Green, she reloaded and told him, “I want nothing to do with any lawyer who works with you!” WOW! And her voice never lost its tone either!

Funny Footnote: When Chad Hummel, lawyer for the Sarge (aka “cop for hire”), started with all the nice bullshit in his cross of Ms. Green and then asked in reference to her former husband “he passed away?”, without taking a breath she said, “I don’t know!” Again much laughter as it was her husband the great Leonard Green who disappeared with millions only to show up sick at a “public hospital” in Italy…now a public hospital there is two steps from a bed on a curb. And with his money? I smell a setup! His girlfriend, it is reported, had shown up back in the US with a load of cash and that was that! NOT! The death certificate was delivered to a firm associated with Pellicano…do you get the picture? Everyone else associated with Lenny went to jail, and Lenny went to “heaven!” A source of mine tells me that the Vatican, as a favor, looked at the death certificate and would not sign off on it! Oh, money can buy everything…it’s when you die a second time, that is the problem!

There was a letter of the “negotiation games” that were being offered to Ms. Green and that was turned over to the F.B.I., and too bad for us it was not available for all to see. And again we all got to sit and watch the background info that Arneson ran and the names and the plates! How did the police department let this go for sooooo long? I think that other people at the department were involved also, and again what is Arneson thinking as all these people come forward and what he did to them is shown in open court? His lawyer is earning his money, but I think in the end it will be, “Hey Anthony, pass me the soap!” This is looking real bad for the both of them, and too bad for them it is not in the state system. The Feds have not done all this work to walk away with their “peckers” in their hands!

Ms. Green told of how Pellicano had blocked her in at her groomer with his tan two-door Mercedes, and just folded his arms and stared at her! And how when she came out, she told him to move or she would push his car out of the way. She spoke how she went to Peet’s Coffee on Montana and how he followed her into the coffee shop and again folded his arms and kept bumping her! Upon his cross he asked her, what did she say or do, to which she responded, “I said, ‘get the fuck away from me!'” and she ran out of the store and took off home! Pellicano kept asking why she did not call the cops when he was threatening her, and all she said was that she went home and called family and friends! THIS RESPONSE IS VERY COMMON AMONG WOMEN IN THE THROES OF DIVORCE, FOR SOME REASON THEY DON’T CALL THE POLICE VERY OFTEN AND CALL FRIENDS AND FAMILY INSTEAD! I don’t know why many do this, but I always tell my clients when they feel threatened to drive and watch for a cop or try to get the license plate. What Ms. Green did was very common and understandable based on her emotional state at the time…though it is too bad that she did not bump this asshole with a cup of hot coffee! Ms. Green has been one of the best witnesses to date and I have been there every day…again, great job Ms. Green! Most of us in the audience would love to have given you a standing ovation!

Batter up and it was Garry Shandling’s former girlfriend Linda Doucett’s time in the witness box, and she was a little more nervous and again, it’s understandable. These two women are victims of Anthony Pellicano and the Los Angeles Police Department as well as the phone company and all the rest! Event the “Immunity” people did these two ladies wrong! Linda was dressed nicely in a black suit and white blouse and her hair too was flawless…both these women look as if they spend time with my pal, Jose Eber, they were both gorgeous to begin with! And both strong and impressive. Linda was a little unsure as to the dates and times…so what, I can’t remember what I did yesterday never mind years ago! The bottom line is that these women were fucked with BIG TIME and they do remember that very vividly! Linda came across as very credible and with a sincere tone about her. She could not see the tiny writing on the police background runs with the information that Arneson had provided that “side-buster” Pellicano…she wears glasses and did not have them, but her testimony was right on when she told what this piece of shit did to her! She told about speaking with FBI Agent Ornelas and also of speaking to a reporter with the L.A.Times, and that very night, she gets the famous late night call! “that night I get a phone call and the caller asked was I Linda?” and then the caller says, “You talk to Stan or the paper you won’t be seeing your son!” The caller also made it clear that he knew what school her son went to! Can you imagine as a single mother with a child home late at night and getting a call like that! It was classic Pellicano, this fuck never left the office and appears to love the telephone! However, along with “fish” and “immunity,” telephones may also be something that he may soon not like the sound of either!

Pellicano was doing his “clown act” (otherwise known as representing himself) and while he was “cross examining” this poor victim, he stated, “I lost my train of thought!” Goofy fuck! I think the rest of us in the court room would perhaps call it something else: “A train wreck!” And in closing, Ms. Doucett stated when pushed by Pellicano why she thought he was behind all this: “you are the only bad guy I know!” Good night and sleep well Anthony…many women in this town are going to sleep well for many years to come now that you have had your nuts cut off by two women and a fish!

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