Pellicano Trial: When all else fails, go for the mistrial!

John J. Nazarian
April 16, 2008

Stopped by the courthouse Tuesday hoping to hear Bert Fields on the stand, but there was Mr. Hummel attempting to knock over the chessboard (always a strategy when facing checkmate)!

What? a mistrial? When pigs fly was the attitude this morning! And Judge Fischer was not amused when she had to dismiss the jury. She did not look happy when she took the bench and was even more annoyed with the strategy of the defense to follow Mr. Hummel’s attack! Why would she, the defense was doing all they could to make this trial go into a tailspin and crash and burn…Chad is a very bright lawyer and has the voice and the presence to pull this off, except not today. And he has for the most part led the charge, but today his horse may have pulled a muscle! The Judge was visibly annoyed by all of this, and was not looking very pleased this morning to begin with! It may have been that she knew what was coming.

Prosecutors Saunders and Lally tried to bring the tone down and even tried to be as cooperating as they could with the defense, Mr. Hummel wanted to go the full monty! I may swing by to watch the Prosecution dust off Mr. Arneson just before they “gong” him into the land of silly. I swear that as he was questioned by Mr. Saunders he was morphing into Pee Wee Herman!

When one looks at the issue it was much ado about nothing…and Mr. Hummel may wish he had not put Arneson on the stand to begin with. Or was he hoping that the prosecution would take a shot at this “cop for hire” who was just trying to make Los Angeles safe for all of us by helping the Pelican! Well, that just flew out the window like a fat albatross.

I caught a glimpse of Bert Fields this morning and he looked like he always does, successful and not a care in the world. He is after all Bert Fields and one of Anthony Pellicanos best friends, as Anthony would have us all believe. I don’t doubt him, not on this one…

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