Pellicano Trial: The Big Payoff?

December 15, 2008

Anthony PellicanoSomeone kindly brought to my attention that I am not much of an “investigative reporter,” no shit! The person who made that observation is also not a genius, so we will consider the source. There are times that I can walk past a chicken farm and not find a feather, but I can certainly smell chicken shit and I know from where it comes. And then out of no were, comes a chicken feather and I am boating off the coast of Southern California, go figure. On the other hand, do not ever underestimate me. I am just an old-fashion gumshoe who is fortunate to be able to keep a roof over my head and provide for my kids…that is all. And once in awhile if the stars are in alignment, I get myself a nugget! A little nugget that helps me go to the next level in my investigation, just a simple guy muddling through. It was also the same through much of my life, much like many of my clients, “at the airport when my ship comes in”…but I work hard and try and get by.

While speaking to one of my friends the other day who is in similar work he said to me, “Have you wondered why NONE of the networks took on this Pellicano story?” “Hmmm,” I say. I did wonder why there was minimal coverage from many of the rags and perhaps a little teeny piece here and there….cautious pieces. SO cautious that the writer and the editor appeared to be “careful.” Now my good friend Geraldo and his group are famous for taking a chicken shit story and making a dinner for six. Where were he and the rest of them? No place to be found. Bigger names in the entertainment world could not be found than were involved in this trial. The heads of major entertainment studios, and billionaires, and famous people that many in American would love to have seen and read about, NOTHING! Why was this the case? Does Anthony Pellicano still intimidate from behind bars? I say yes sireeee, what he has in his head and in other places could scorch the earth beneath many a screen idol, and god only knows many a mogul. LMAO, can you imagine, these people think that this is all over!

“And why,” my friend asked me, are they all scared shitless as to what Anthony Pellicano has on all of them? And as I have wondered many times, what’s the big payoff?” The Big Payoff could be huge. Let’s say maybe the government has their eye on someone BIG….or FAMOUS. Anthony Pellicano knows it all and could it be possible that this will be his “get out of jail free card.” Uncle Sammy loves to make a deal when they want someone even bigger and more famous than Mr. Pellicano (Judge Fischer is going to make her point regardless, and it is going to be sharp). Tomorrow morning, November 15, 2008 at 1:30 P.M. Anthony Pellicano will be sentenced, and I have had a great many laughs at his expense while he has been in this pickle he is in. When you look at his family, you see what I feel are some very decent people. There is no question in anyone’s mind Anthony was very clever and knew his stuff…Anthony got results. Well, is this not a little like Bernie and his 50 billion dollar swindle — 8% a year for many years and everyone knew that it was impossible to do that day in and day out! Just as when
Anthony got busted those in the know were not surprised at all…for me I was sorry for him and told him so. But surprised? not at all, I and perhaps many hundreds of people knew what was going on. For me I just did not realize how sophisticated he was, damn near as good as the F.B.I. it turns out. And he was loved by most (not all) of his clients…but he was ruthless, and in the end that along with a big dose of arrogance brought him down. Guess what, all of us in the investigative community and the legal one are damn lucky he was…Anthony made me miserable a few times. Will this be the end of these shenanigans? no way, there are others already “playing,” except now it is a much tougher “sell” for those who have the resources, but as it has been said, Americans have short memories… and “what was that noise?” will be asked again and again in the months and years to follow Anthonys sentencing on December 15, 2008…Anthony got results.”

John J. Nazarian and Family wish you all a Joyous Christmas and Happy New Year!

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