Pellicano Trial: Tappity tap

March 15, 2010

Bill Bojangles Robinson tappingTap Tap Tap Tap me, whatever pain or harm a wiretap can bring is nothing compared to the financial rewards that can land in the victims bank accounts. There is not one doubt in my mind that I was “listened to” during the days of Anthony Pellicanos reign of terror. I say this with a great big grin…and as I have said so many times before, when he was in the saddle he was very good. So many of the recordings were never found and thus went my financial windfall…I am beyond saddened by all of this. To think of all that money slipping through my hands only because my government got hoodwinked by a self-taught private investigator in the art and wizardry of wiretapping and the storage of information. All at the hands of a computer geek and “The Pelican.”

I have heard through the grapevine MILLIONS were paid to make one “victim” go away, and even a couple of lesser victims got more than they could have ever dreamed of. However, there are people in the world that a million, 2 million, 3 million is a little like tipping the parking attendant a $ 10 bill: big deal for that parking guy, ain’t shit for the guy giving it…very similar here folks.

And in some people’s circles, when you put your ass on the line and “stay the course” it is expected that you and those close to you will be taken care of. That is real old school if you get what I am saying here folks. Anthony took the fall and several people tripped and only one got trapped, well sorta. And as we all know, I am not sure if any insurance policy covers criminal acts. And in the end what is a an old law career worth anyways, 1 million, 2 million, 3 million…well I think you are getting the point here.

There is more to come here as to financial windfalls. Knowing that your friend is sticking it to you, that is painful. Thinking you have a friend and realizing it was all make believe, what is that worth? Oh in this case it could be worth more than that first windfall…or could it?

Very rich divorce lawyers battling it out in the civil courts and one is guilty as hell and the other is a victim. The problem is the next payout will not be fast and easy as this last one. Damn, Tap Tap Tap away…as it is so often stated, the rich get richer, and the rest of us? We at least sleep well, right fellas?

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