Pellicano Trial: For Whom the Bell Tolls

September 19, 2008

Home Sweet HomeWell, the time that many have been waiting for is fast approaching, September 24th. Anthony Pellicano will be sentenced to what could be a life sentence, that being he is old and even 10 years could be the end of his life….who knows. Ladies and even a few gentlemen here, WE HAVE BEEN ASKED TO ENCOURAGE ALL OF OUR READERS WHO HAVE BEEN A VICTIM OF MR. PELLICANO TO SHOW UP AND SIT IN THAT COURTROOM…and why not, he laughed at many of you when he thought you would never find out! Will Stephen Kolodny show up? How about Bert Fields? How about Dennis Wasser? Ooops, that would be another event like Ultimate Fighter, can you imagine what those three would be like in a small room? LMAO!

Anthony Pellicano will be put away for a long time by Federal Judge Dale Fischer. Now, he and her honor have swapped a few smiles and a few grins, but if she is up to par she is going to lay him away for a lotta years. I have to be careful as my predictions have not been what they once were lately, BUT, I think that she is going to pluck the big bird and tie and truss him so bad that he will wish that he had spoken to Mr. Saunders and Mr. Lally. Anthony may have wanted to cooperate with all of those wizards at Qauntico, Va. and give them the codes…as of this writing they have still not broken many of his codes (I was told 85% are still not cracked)! Judge Fischer is famous for being no nonsense when it comes to sentencing. I have heard 7 years, 10 years, 15 years…did I hear 20? The higher sentences are wishful thinking for many of his victims, and the truth is who knows. He has been described as a “model prisoner” in his report to the judge by those who evaluate an inmate’s behavior while in custody…but that was then when he thought he might get out someday…looking at this much time, one might wonder what one might do for a nice dish of linguine with a little marinara and a nice heavy chianti.

And in closing, Anthony Pellicano has to this date kept all of his secrets and has not peeped one word on any issue and remains faithful to all of his clients and friends. Say what you will — and god knows I have — but this is certainly someone with strong beliefs. You have to wonder how many people would go through all of this and looking at years in prison and still remain quiet…it has to be that “Goombah” stuff, and where is that god damn linguine?

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