Pellicano Trial: Exit Bert Fields, Enter Bill Pavelic

John J. Nazarian
April 19, 2008

Well, this will be my last day till the VERDICT and the SENTENCING….I just wanted to see the legendary Bert Fields, “The Lawyer Who Never Loses!” I even invited him to lunch, I want to meet him, just as I was friendly with Melvin Belli and Marvin Mitchelson, two legends of the legal world. Say what you will, Bert Fields is one, too. Many of these BIG firms are shifting like the San Andreas Fault, every time I walk by I look up as to make sure one of the partners are not taking a “flyer” to end the misery! Can you imagine, they thought they were untouchable, and now look. But remember this, when they were hitting their stride in defense of their hotshot clients, they were the best money could buy! For the old guys who cares, they are so very rich and ready to retire anyway and so they won’t be greeters anymore…they are set for life (GREETER, at your big law firms they are the guys you are paying for — or rather their name — and seldom get, instead you get lower so-called “partners” or worse yet, the “junior associate,” aka: the one who bills you to death!).

Well, so much for seeing the great Bert Fields! He was present a few days and I guess no one can say he did not show up — he did and “they were not ready” for him…Too bad — my lunch invitation is still open!

Stan the Man Ornelas continued to hold his ground and he did it as a pro, yes or no to Hummels attempt to gain ground for the Dummy! Special Agent Ornelas made it look easy, why not? He is telling the truth! Oh sure, they tried to get him on the cross for giving the Dummy some info on a possible drug house not too far from his own home. Did you call the FBI? was one question, why should he ? He pays taxes and reported it to a Sr. Sgt. with the LAPD, aka Da Sarge, aka Da Dummy…end of story!

Well, as soon as Chad Hummel got done, up walks Mr. Adam Braun…I don’t know, but it seems this judge does not take much in the “give him a break” department! Perhaps as a former Asst. U.S. Attorney, the judge thinks Adam should know it all. Well, she just “sustained” him to death, she was doing it so fast that poor Adam looked like a mosquito in a room full of swatters! Mr. Braun has a great strategy and has been very low key for most of this trial, and when he does try he gets “smacked” in away only a petite female Federal Judge can do!

Then comes Ms. SooHo, very soft spoken but effective as to getting her point across and she did well, but so what — Special Agent Ornelas is telling the truth as he has done right along so that takes the wind out of her sails and she just drifts…her guy is guilty anyway and in the end her effort, I hope, will make her feel good!

Bill PavelicWell, Bert Fields is a no show today but hey, I get to meet and speak with the interesting Zvonko Bill Pavelic. He was very clear that he is a Investigative Consultant…I am not a P.I., he tells the prosecutor! Danny Daviss name came up again today and I was having flashbacks of my days with CDC and working out in Chino and piles of cow shit! And how bad they would smell in the damp morning air! These dam allergy pills I am taking make me drowsy, or was it that name again!!?? Mr. Pavelic is right out of Central Casting, and I found him very interesting. While speaking with a couple of reporters the question came up as to comparing Mr. Pavelic to Mr. Pellicano! Well Mr. Pavelic has no license and does well, Mr. Pellicano “had” a license and may be still doing well! However, I made a comparison that it would be like letting loose a herd of Clydesdale horses and letting them run through a well manicured lawn…and that is to some degree the style that I have when given the choice! Scorch the earth beneath their feet! I am not saying that I have the same style as Mr. Pavelic, but I would say there are similarities…two different cop backgrounds! Bottom line, it is the first time I met him and I think I like him!

This is how crazy people can get sometimes, LMAO…someone said to me that can you imagine if Pellicano Investigative Services, Nazarian and Associates, and Mr. Bill Pavelic Investigative Consultant would have joined forces, what that would have been like? One thing for sure I would have let Pellicano handle the fee agreements and I would let Bill do the interviews, at night, of course, and well I would be in charge of booking all of our travel and investments! There I go again, it must be the allergy pills!

This will be my last post till the verdict, I promise…my friends at the courthouse tell me that I am becoming addicted to this…maybe!

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